1. I’m honestly not sure he’s got the mental capability to recognise what rock bottom is.

  2. Would love to see Cobes trying to do his taxes with Clint one day.

  3. He’s pretty chill. Not much of an ego, just likes guitars and is pretty honest when it comes to gear

  4. The game case, a packet of AR cards and a stand to place your 3DS while you play

  5. That high huh? I only briefly played it and it seems fun but the controls are pretty awkward for me. It’s made by Sakurai though so I’m taking that as a seal of quality

  6. I got a one a couple months ago. They did disappear for a while. So I’m guessing we are on the last few restocks.

  7. Do you have the URL for where new batteries can be ordered per chance?

  8. It’s pretty good but I do remember while reading it that it desperately needed a good editor. Some parts just go on or are irrelevant.

  9. I managed to get X, Y, Omega, Rumble, Sun and Moon for 150 from someone selling their collection. Sold sun and moon, made some of my money back and kept the rest.

  10. I just can’t believe he’s about to bathe for the first time in the last few years

  11. I’ve played both. Mirror of Fate is not good, very lukewarm and boring and I sold it the moment I beat it. Samus Returns, however, is totally awesome and badass and still has me replaying it. Buy Metroid, this Castlevania game is NOT one of the good ones and is part of a botched reboot trilogy by a shitty European dev.

  12. Was about to buy mirror of fate and was curious what people on the sub thought of it

  13. I’m just imagining the fucking mess of him consuming this and spilling half of it on his beard then topping himself up with some tactical soap for his third cousin to perk up and see what a badass goth stud he is

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