1. Personally I only started douching recently, but I had never had any accidents.

  2. You need to learn your place as a bottom, you should be submissive. Suppress those inappropriate fantasies you have.

  3. Eating my arse. Letting me suck his dick.

  4. Saying that a guy is gay for enjoying any kind of anal sex is akin to saying a guy is straight if he is only a top.

  5. He can enjoy anal sex by putting his dick in an anus. Hope that helps you understand<3

  6. Love how stating common knowledge is troll worthy for you. Very well, stay in denial :)

  7. This whole thing is weird. I would've just ignored him at that point.

  8. Topping never even crosses a true bottom's mind, so it's not really a question of enduring. Still, good for you :)

  9. You get downvoted a lot, and sometime you say stupid shit( normal for a bottom) but you're 100 right this time

  10. Not sure what "stupid shit" I say but thanks i guess?

  11. No. Lesbians are consistently favored when it comes to LGBT rights. For example,

  12. The one that has more money OR the top OR the person that's older OR the one that asked for the date.

  13. Your boyfriend deserves a real bottom and you deserve another versatile.

  14. Hey I'm so sorry you're facing so much hate.. these people can't behave

  15. Oh geez now we need a label for the gays that don't like dick....vegan? hens? backsides?

  16. Top. That's the word you're looking for.

  17. I would very much appreciate them to just be direct that we don't match. But if I sent you my pics you'd also change your attitude and do anything for a taste. This is what I'm talking about.

  18. Most men that are into me are "straight"/bi.

  19. He probably wants you to fuck him with your navel.

  20. It will make every aspect of your life better, including your appearance and attractiveness. The only downside is that chub chasers will lose interest.

  21. I didn't need this appetite suppressant today :/

  22. Versatiles are ok but as a bottom I would never want to get with one.

  23. Go take it right now stop wasting your time on Reddit.

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