1. The real question is why was he making a clay penis in school

  2. I'm sorry but the fact the one commenters name is "Dick Danger" cracks me up.

  3. Was just about to comment about that lmao sounds like a survival expert for crack heads

  4. Whenever there’s a post like this with a reflection I always search for the out of place sex toy before considering the post

  5. “Please do not leave any sausage rolls unattended on the platform, thank you”

  6. My bad eyesight is hating it but I also love it aesthetically

  7. Hey, I’ve only been playing for 10 years

  8. Took me until about a year ago to realise and I’ve played for about 8 years so you’re not alone

  9. If there was ever anything that would make me want to do this more, it’s this hahah

  10. Patrick Stewart plays Kratos and Atreus is Danny Devito

  11. I just checked your comment history, what the fuck is

  12. Will save on the electricity bill, smart af

  13. All of my players on loan in this photo are between a 66 overall and a 77 overall yet it shows none of them have played for their loan clubs. They’re all in lower leagues so they should be at least playing some… is this just a visual issues? I have like 2-3 other guys on loan that shows they have 3-5 appearances for their clubs but they’re all lover overalls

  14. You only see stats if they’re in the same comps as you, if you’re in the CL there’s also still a chance your Benfica player actually isn’t getting game time in that comp but if he does it will show

  15. Ben Arfa just to see if Howe could work his magic with him and keep him off the pies

  16. Hang it up in a dark room for a while and it should develop fine

  17. Two very impressive turds cooked to perfection

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