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  1. “There is abundant evidence that it increases your lifting volumes by about 10pc.”

  2. First cycle was test/deca/dbol. I kept a huge jug of whey protein and another of creatine on my desk at work. Never touched either but everyone thought that was the reason I got so juicy.

  3. I like at the end when the cat just tackles the baby's face an extra time for good measure once it isn't in danger anymore.

  4. It sounds like she was trying to at least add some materialism into the analysis. The "racelessness" that she contrasted with Kendiism is Fieldsian racecraft theory (without the explicit Marxism) utilized in for-profit DEI consulting.

  5. I don't know because the guy can't edit for shit so I can't find the answer.

  6. Baffling, isn't it. I really don't want them to hurt themselves, but I don't have the mental capacity to engage with it right now.

  7. I do a ton of research. But sometimes I'll get 50 answers saying yes and 50 saying no. LMAO one thing I can't find any info on is esophageal numbers being high.... Other than it could be an infection...

  8. Eosinophils? Could be a reaction to injected oils, like a low-level allergic response.

  9. Can we get a T3 compound experience thread ? Been a couple years…

  10. Porphyria. Or has that idea been debunked? Maybe it was mania or schizophrenia or something.

  11. I would, but as a reincarnation believer I do NOT want to have to repeat this class. that's literally what's keeping me here. i hate it here and I want to graduate already

  12. If I thought there was a possibility of ascending into a state of pure being at some point, I would burst into tears of joy. The best I can do on Earth is learn to enjoy certain kinds of suffering. It's not great.

  13. it's not so much the excitement of the end goal as much as it is the fear and hatred of the thought of having to do any of this over again, don't wanna take that chance even if I end up wrong

  14. Okay, I actually do get this one, even if the name of the phenomenon is a bit over the top. We all know some white women who are about as WASPy as wonder bread irl but then online they suddenly talk like they're black and use tons of slang to try to come off as more relatable to social justice people. Sassy black woman gifs, saying 'yall' or 'slay' or southern slang when they never say that irl, shit like that. Its nauseatingly cringy. I think part of it is just that a lot of the big twitter accounts that they worship are run by black woman and so they end up emulating that.

  15. Beginning to believe there's a federal agency devoted to making up absolute bullshit to discredit the left and liberals. I refuse to believe someone actually believes this

  16. It’s not even close. Bone density, muscle density, the availability of fast twitch muscle fibers, the overall skeletal structure being larger, the advantage is obvious to ANYONE that has ever played a competitive sport. Can’t stand liars like you

  17. Also aromatase inhibitors are pretty bad news, and definitely SERMs. Honestly the actual AAS probably have the least potential for harm, in comparison.

  18. I’m too morally conscious to donate while on gear (and finasteride) and my hematocrit always runs high. I’ve learned to bloodlet by myself in the bathroom. It ain’t pretty but it works and I feel pretty badass after letting a pint of blood drip down my arm into a bucket.

  19. How the hell do you learn something like that. Trial and error? Sounds messy.

  20. Lots of people in this thread seem to know about luxury watches. Maybe champagne socialism is making a comeback?

  21. Sorry gramps, I know the norwood reaper's visit last year was hard on you. I hope you find a place to vent your anger at young people.

  22. In the original tale, the 7 dwarves are symbolic. This is why I brought that panel up. There is no way I can explain without seeming like a pretentious twit, or weird.

  23. I shouldn't think Gary put that much thought into it! Though perhaps your father did.

  24. It wouldn't take much thought, just primitive, associative thinking, coupled with cynicism. It's the kind of image that might cross your mind when watching people behave in certain ways. Maybe he took his kids to the theatre to see this movie, and his wife was being annoying, and this image popped into his head, and he thought it was funny.

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