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  1. Why do all famous people text like they’re having a stroke

  2. Hi! I have some of each of the pink flowers you are looking for, send me a dm 😊

  3. I’m so happy for you and glad your partner is on the same page as you with regards to experimenting.

  4. Hi thank you! I feel like I could have been okay with it but sometimes it was hard for me with thoughts like “am I attracted to her sexually or is she just really pretty”. I guess this helped confirm for me that I’m sexually attracted to women. Maybe you and your partner could go to a club together?

  5. So I paid each girl individually but before the dance 😊

  6. Pretty please share the link to this video? I can’t internet.

  7. I think she’s just a nearly 70 year old woman, who looks relatively great and we should be slightly less hyper-critical of women’s appearance so that society can stop judging women’s value based primarily on appearance. :)

  8. The point of the post was to point out her cooked eyeliner. Seventy or not how did anyone, let alone herself, allow Kris Jenner out looking like someone has taken a Sharpie to her face. She does look great for seventy but her makeup artist did her dirty, and for the Met? Wow

  9. You got this man, not long now until the best sleeps you’ve had since before you started smoking

  10. That’s wildly comforting honestly thank you, I didn’t expect any responses

  11. IF Kourtney is pregnant/looking into it, this sub is gonna lose their minds

  12. Tbh I almost hope she isn’t. Kourt and Travis deserve live their best lives together. I’m not saying that a child would be a bad thing, but they’ve both already had children and done those tough newborn and toddler stages. I hope they simply enjoy each other and don’t complicate it toooo much. I’d die for a wedding tho tbh

  13. That’s why I looked it up! Event was in June so she was probably around eight weeks?

  14. I think we rarely see Kylie in KUWTK after she turns 17/18 cause she’s always recovering from surgery

  15. I started smoking after a divorce. I enjoyed weed before, but it was a rare thing. After the divorce and move across country, I used weed to cover up my depressive feelings, once I felt better due to time and new friends and a new loving, supportive wife.

  16. This sounds very similar to my story. Just without the divorce. The suicidal ideation is super tough but in my experience it lasts less than a week. I’m over a month sober now and am feeling better and better every day. Congratulations on taking this step, I promise it will be worth it

  17. Congrats!! For me it's been Animal Crossing! It's so relaxing and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I get closer to completing collections or revamping my island :)

  18. Me too!! Without animal crossing to keep me occupied no way would I have made it through the first few days

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