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  1. For nodules, cysts, etc. I like when the radiology report cites a guideline or paper and says “per [insert citation] repeat imaging in …]

  2. Gastroenterology: IBD should be managed by rheumatologists. GI should act as the “technician” and just do the scopes.

  3. Is the only difference between achalasia type 3 and distal esophageal spasm the IRP (elevated in achalasia and normal in DES)?

  4. Really? Couldn’t see the legs and was worried to get closer

  5. I tell them it’s like an apprenticeship where I do on the job training for x amount of years. But my work is always supervised by a master (attending)

  6. No. The home club should not dictate who the loanee can and cannot play against

  7. I got LORs from people I worked with 4th year. I did not do aways

  8. I think I took step 3 in January so I had my result by time to rank but I don’t think it was on my application. I don’t think it made a big difference except that I got it out of the way

  9. Will there will be 50-75% mass discounts as we go further into this? Yes. Will the items we're interested in still be available? It depends.

  10. You bring up a good point however the other side of the argument is also that the longer this quarantine and lockdown play out, the worse off financially most people will become. Those $1200 checks are only a bandaid which represents the tip of the iceberg. When people’s rent, utility bills, and student loans start adding up again, they’ll think twice about a new sweater. In the coming months there will likely be decreased demand for products as well which is what is concerning for retailers now.

  11. I feel like a good in between rule should be whatever body part the player ends up using to score the goal should be behind the defender

  12. Yes, the UA flight would be eligible, but it would require 20k miles plus $425 (if it is a flight in October). Could be different pricing if it is a flight in November or beyond.

  13. Thanks for the feedback! Is there anywhere you’re going to look up these numbers for points and fees so I can know for the future. Also would the upgrade be instantly confirmed or would it still not be cleared until closer to the flight?

  14. There is also BCN - LHR - SAN on BA. BA is good about upgrading using Avios if you have any.

  15. Thanks for the idea. I didn't think of that. I do have UR points that I could transfer to Avios. I was reading a bit about the upgrade policy and my only concern is that I am not sure what fare my work will purchase and if it will be upgrade eligible. Also my understanding is that you cannot upgrade two classes so if it is an economy ticket, it can only be upgraded to premium economy. Is that correct?

  16. For simplicity I wanted to refer to them as 401k and roth 401k but you are correct. My work only offers 401a and 403b. The traditional is the 401a and it lists that it matches that up to 3%. As I mentioned in the comment above, I haven't specifically asked if there is match to the 403b but on the webpage it does not show that there is a match but it does show a match for the 401a. I have the option to contribute to either.

  17. When you say there is no match in the Roth 401k, is there a misunderstanding that there is a match, it just goes to the traditional 401k? I’ve only heard of companies putting their match or contribution into a traditional, not Roth 401k, regardless of which one you contribute to.

  18. I'm actually not sure of the details. On the webpage it shows matching for the traditional but not for the roth so I would have to ask the details on how that might work.

  19. Crazy that in real time from far it looks like he megs him with the right but only when its slowed down you see he drags with right and megs with the left.

  20. They usually close the hiking trails when there's been a lot of rain.

  21. A bit of a newbie lurker here but I need some advice

  22. I would skip the Marriott in favor of the SPG cards later on (and the bonus is terrible on the Marriott cards right now). You’ll want to also keep the CSR for when you can meet $8k spend for the CSR/CSP modified double dip. Best to do the modified double dip at either 0-2/24 (now) or 4/24. If you’re willing to consider business cards, I would apply for the CIP (if you can meet the spend) or one of the CIC/CIU 50k offers.

  23. So you recommend not getting a card at this time? Because I don't have enough MS to meet the double dip CSR/CSP

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