1. My cavie gets the same sad face sometimes ‘

  2. Dumb question but is his name ACTUALLY Carlos?

  3. This is where I had my high school prom!

  4. Ahhhh I’m in Arlington and can’t believe I missed this!!

  5. Get over the word “crook” misogynist!

  6. $justin-carroll-32 i have all 4 boosts, I will boost back

  7. Good morning everyone I have 4 left. $blvzin33

  8. Im sorry but Heather is my bitch eating crackers!

  9. I love this couch! Where did you get it?

  10. In Australia it was a special buy at Coles superMarket. On the bottom it says EHpet.net. (Enchanted home pet)

  11. Scheana and Ariana suck and they’re wrong for this. No one else would want this at their party!! Be real 😡

  12. Ew I hate Nicole! She shouldn’t have hung up! That’s rude…

  13. 4 left boost for boost back $robin-defilio

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