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AITA for getting upset with my husband for not wearing his wedding band when I came to visit him at the hospital?

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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  1. I miss Dirkos stromboli! I need to try Amato's sometime but every time I'm back home there are so many places to revisit or try for the first time, it's hard to get to everything.

  2. How many Hollywood liberals have their own private jets? Are they driving electric cars or gas guzzling limos? Forget millionaires. I'm sure conscientious environmentalists do not order from Amazon which ships a roll of tape wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a carboard box on board a cargo plane and then put on a delivery truck while they lecture others on recycling.

  3. It may come as a shock to you, but plenty of people look at that and say "well, fuck them too."

  4. Immature she sat on her fat ass most of the pregnancy. I did all the work I busted my ass off to make money

  5. Lots of people work and bust their asses to make money, especially when their partner is pregnant. you aren't special.

  6. She was abusive too apparently? I’d say he still has the right if they’re both shitty people who have apparently “improved”

  7. A lot of people who are being abused do something called reactive abuse. Basically if the abuse triggers your fight-flight-freeze response, those are the people whose response is to fight.

  8. Is there a Dollar General there? That is one of the common factors with all the tiny zones opening up near me. They may not even have a restaurant, but they do have a Dollar General. My theory is that DoorDash is trying to test if they can make money being pretty much solely DG delivery in these tiny towns.

  9. Yeah, I don't take no tip orders on purpose, only occasionally they sneak in on stacked orders, so I suppose it skews my highly scientific study - but the only cash tips I've ever gotten are from people who already tipped well in the app.

  10. meanwhile i’m out here sleeping in, having time and money to myself, AND not wrecking my body/relationship with my spouse! if cute is all the payoff you got… good luck lol

  11. Yo, that's really gross. People can gorge themselves on garbage and get so fat they can't hardly get in and out of their car and there's a whole body positivity movement. A woman gets stretch marks from having a child and has "wrecked her body"?

  12. oh no, i don’t mean stretch marks. i mean the vaginal prolapses, the episiotomies (you know, where you’re cut from your anus to vaginal opening because it’s more convenient for doctors during delivery), and countless other life altering, irreversible, PAINFUL ailments that very few people ever talk about. fuck off with your virtue signaling bullshit.

  13. Chill, girl, take it down a few pegs. Things happen to our bodies all the time and the body is not ruined. Even because of our own choices. I made plenty of choices in life that have led to issues - I have severe arthritis in my wrist and thumb joint because I chose to spend over a decade as an artist and it didn't agree with my joints. I didn't ruin it. It's just something that happened to my body, I'm not ruined. Same with things that happen as a natural process of aging, kids or no kids. Not ruined. Getting older. Mortality. If you don't fear aging and death, it doesn't feel so dire. The void comes for us all, the condition of our meatsack is... Inconsequential.

  14. I doubt it will be determinative unless your job requires driving.

  15. The job is a desk job, no driving. It was a failure to yield ticket for $230, paid on time. I honestly did not think about it at all when doing the self reporting. I just worry they'll think I was lying/trying to conceal it on purpose.

  16. I got it and my email for DoorDash and for delivering are the same but it still didn't work 🤷‍♀️

  17. If you ran into one asshole today, you ran into one asshole. If you run into assholes all day… maybe you are the asshole.

  18. I commented this to someone else in the replies 😅 I immediately thought of it when reading this nonsense. OOP is definitely the one asshole everyone else is running into.

  19. tbf post pandemic reasonable priced apartments at short notice are nearly impossible to find, but.. OP has a lot of self reflection to do if no one like them. My flat mates suck my co workers suck my new coworkers suck my sister sucks.. umm. one thing in common .

  20. If you wake up in the morning and run into an asshole, you met an asshole. If everyone you meet all day is an asshole, odds are you're the asshole.

  21. No, it's also the dog. You know how pointers just point as puppies? Retrievers love fetch? Border Collies try to herd kids? Behaviors are baked into the dogs.

  22. The last bit is actually completely false. Human aggression was common in the bloodlines present in nearly every pit bull in present day America. Nothing has changed. If a dog couldn't be safely handled by its owner, you just paid a poor immigrant to stand in and do it for you.

  23. Some people in the thread are using this as an excuse to diss on cats; since you've received some help with the tree I'll provide some cat facts.

  24. In fairness, it's the fault of whoever owns the cat. They're an invasive species and shouldn't be free-roaming outdoors killing native wildlife and causing property damage.

  25. I swear Ohio casual dining places are all mean girls clubs full of people who have no actual business acting like mean girls 😂 ma'am this is Applebee's, neither you nor I are the epitome of class

  26. My wife has had multiple surgeries since our marriage (we are still young, less than 30) and this person has no clue what she got into, and I sincerely hope her husband bails and finds better. This is an insane and self centered expectation. You know what I did when my wife woke up from surgery? Asked if she wanted ice chips and how her pain was, this is INFURIATING.

  27. My husband has had six knee surgeries and I've had four minor procedures under anesthesia and we just hand over our ring to the other person because you have to remove all jewelry beforehand. This post is so wild to me because it's just such a normal thing and many people won't think of putting the ring back on when they're probably still loopy from coming out of anesthesia and on pain meds.

  28. I would also like to point out, that with the price of paint and canvas, depending on size this could have easily been at least a hundred dollar gift. That stuff isn't cheap.

  29. Bingo. I have gifted art to my husband on multiple occasions, and I would say the average value if I were to sell it to a random person would have been $150-200 per piece.

  30. You might have me confused with somebody else. I never said any of that. My wife and I have a great marriage.

  31. Missed the past tense there, buckaroo. You had one. Now you don't have a marriage at all.

  32. This is so cringe. Also, kids should never ride on a dogs back like a horse.

  33. Never once met an aggressive dobie.

  34. I wouldn't call the one I encountered aggressive, he was just very undersocialized - a friend's dog in high school who bit a chunk out of my hoodie when we dropped her off at her house. But as far as I know he almost never encountered non-family members, they were a very private family. If he wanted to do real damage to me he could have.

  35. goddamn, that's an ugly freaking dog. Looks like a toad on steroids.

  36. If your trauma prevents you from performing otherwise normal life tasks, and making some food for your spouse when they’re in a pinch is very much ‘normal’, you have an issue that you should be working on with a professional.

  37. It doesn't "prevent" anything, it's a boundary that should be respected.

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