1. My hubby is a tradie and was told no just yesterday! The home owner told him to go under his tree ...

  2. They DO say that! Sidenote I have met many many housewives if you'd like any minimal tea about them hahaha

  3. Yes I’m an international student, so can I book any doc ? Or are there specific docs I’m supposed to book ?

  4. Oh so basically i have these black spots on my face and I wanted to know what it’s about and how to get rid of it, I need a dermatologist but first I think I should get a GP consult

  5. "Because if memory serves, you had your own ballerinas for that."

  6. Kelly was on something. People say she had a breakdown, but I think she had a bad high.

  7. We were taught that 'ви' was used for those older (and those who deserve respect) .

  8. Jill Zarin asking the journalist if the company had a , "Big pee pee?".

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