1. Then you agree with me that America should not be the most powerful, since it is the most bigoted place to ever exist. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Seems like you haven’t left America then… but keep smelling your own farts I guess, Mr. fartssmellgreat.

  3. I would draw my weapon to make my intentions clear. If they escalated, I would protect myself.

  4. Professional athletes are paid because we watch them, their skill, and their popularity.

  5. “Greater good” is so vague and subjective… give me money and power and I’ll decide what good is.

  6. Many, many people find public displays of affection to be rude.

  7. Humans are animals. We belong to the Animalia kingdom. And consciousness is a dreadful curse.

  8. Come on, don’t say consciousness is a dreadful curse… that’s what a suicidal supervillain would say. Next you’re going to call humanity a virus.

  9. Try not to slap back at all for anybody. Don't not slap back just because it's a woman though.

  10. As much as that first album has some good songs, I have to admit this

  11. Thank you. I am actually taking some steps to make sure i socialize and i am definately open with the idea of finding a good match. I am even thinking to going for the meetups in the nearest metro since my town is actually somewhat isolated. As much as it hurts to say i haven't been able to find love so far and it would be great if i can find some while socializing and dating..

  12. Don’t worry, benchode. As your position and location change, you will have many different opportunities. A maderchode like you will have your pick of the ladies as you become a doctor. Chutiya 👍

  13. This is literally the polar opposite of my experience, you only know one band kid?

  14. It’s funny I only know 2 band kids and they both match up with this pretty damn close

  15. Don't be one of the idiots screaming about being the anti-christ if you buy the game and buy it if you want to. Have seen quite a few trans people say they're getting the game still. The five people boycotting this game don't matter at all.

  16. Then almost everyone should be following it, since we are in the era of dating apps and everyone is hooking up with everyone.

  17. Most people I know are in relationships. The single ones aren’t into hookup culture. I’d hope the hook-uppers are being safe!

  18. My favorite response to anyone announcing they're leaving is "this isn't an airport; no need to announce your departure"

  19. I think he's politely telling an American stegosaurus to go outside.

  20. I've never heard anybody say learning German was easy. My mom teaches German to foreigners and I've helped out at her school to supervise tests and everybody struggles a lot with German. But to be fair most struggles don't impair how good one would be able to understand what someone is saying (mainly articles and grammatical gender)

  21. Yeah German is horrible compared to the other ones. Such an ugly language!

  22. The Whale got angry because She couldnt eat the 90% of that cake

  23. Don’t beat yourself up. I’m sure you’re good at other things like scaring children or protecting crops.

  24. You look like someone told an AI to generate Officer Farva as a young Chad lol

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