1. Yeah not contributing to the sales , get an Italian

  2. He’s not Italian but I’m betting Sacha Baron Cohen would have nailed this.

  3. Looks like whatever it was got the hammer…

  4. No like an idiot I copied the wrong comment. That person did get banned but it had nothing to do with this post.

  5. Weapon proliferation + propaganda driven fear and hate + a historic loosening of gun safety requirements = this.

  6. That dude probably got extra banned for that one.

  7. Cautionary tale right here kids. Drinking during pregnancy fucks all sorts of shit right up.

  8. Prosecutor hired to prosecute prosecutes those who violated the law. Shocking.

  9. Since this isn't humor, I feel compelled to say while I'm NEVER voting Republican, this post is a case of whataboutism on steroids.

  10. How is this whataboutism? It’s literally just a recitation of what happened.

  11. I don’t know about whataboutism but it’s definitely selective stats . Obama didn’t add to the debt in the same percentage that bush or Reagan did , but he did add to the debt by 74 percent ( bush increased it by 101 percent and Reagan increased it by 186 percent) so I found it curious that they switch off that subject when talking about Obama

  12. Sure but that would gloss over the “why”. The Obama administration was tasked with getting us out of an economic collapse. Context matters. No republican president has had to deal with that. Republicans create the messes by doubling and tripling down on their trickle down nonsense. Democrats come in and try to clean up the mess. If anything, this tweet should be expanded to include several key details about how republicans run up the tab by giving the wealthy trillions in handouts.

  13. How did this guy become so well known? He’s a pseudo-academic that essentially self-publishes and refuses peer review. Why did people start listening to him? He literally has a shallow regressive take on every subject.

  14. Why does that name sound familiar? I swear I’ve seen that user in some other drama but can’t quite place it…

  15. Did you get to the end of the article, she's laying it on thick.

  16. Pedantic slap flights are like a cool refreshing glass of lemonade on a warm summer day.

  17. There is nothing more Classic Internet than cat pictures and pedantic slapfights.

  18. True that. But I am in recovery from the cat videos. Had to unsubscribe from literally all the subs. :p

  19. If this is real, people should just play it 24/7 on no volume to make it shoot up the lists in various streaming services. ;)

  20. Ok this needs to happen. I want the Fox News headline: “Demented liberals bare their true colors as satanic album Appetite for Adrenochrome races up the charts”

  21. Yep, but they have a policy that media requests need to be approved first, and admins haven't responded my msg yet.

  22. Man easy to see why this person loves trump. His presidency put them in diamonds and furs forever!

  23. I wonder how many would have been led astray had these factors been considered prior to their involvement? Then I remember the lack of cognitive depth they must possess to be led astray and involve themselves in such a shallow reality as overturning the election results.

  24. The flaw in your query is that these people were certain they would not be held to account as the criminals they are, but would be given a free pass for any misdeeds on the way to subverting democracy as they were completely sure they were going to succeed and were right to do so.

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