1. My debit card was compromised last week. I (25F) live paycheck to paycheck. Someone stole $400 from my account which put me in the negatives. That’s not a lot to some people, but it was my insurance payment and grocery money. Due to over drafting I got more fees. All from a transaction I didn’t make. The bank won’t help me and I just need to wait, which I know it won’t be resolved overnight. But overdraft fees are accruing everyday until I get paid Friday and until I can put money in my account. Yesterday I scrounged up $2 in quarters to get ramen for the week until I’m paid. I don’t condone stealing, but I understand the desperation and the feeling of panic of not being able to feed yourself. It’s a stressful feeling and completely encompasses you. Over thanksgiving a senior man was buying a turkey and he didn’t have enough money. I’m not rich, but I bought his turkey and ran out after him. It’s a very sad world we are living in and we should all have a little more empathy for people around us. Shame on the person recording her and embarrassing her when I’m sure she already felt an immense amount of shame. She wasn’t stealing $100 of groceries, it was clearly as little amount of stuff to get her by for days.

  2. but stealing steak is overboard. she probs got away with it before and decided to have a go again. this isnt her first rodeo

  3. Yeah, my kids school has three teachers and a head, and they have three different unions between them apparently.

  4. Mary: Hey Fran & Liam which union you signing up for?

  5. The total should actually be $74,754. They just added another dollar because why the hell not.

  6. but, tis the ultimate driving machine

  7. Fair play to the man still earning a crust at 70. I reluctantly had to retire recently, after driving a limo for 28 long years, and it's mainly because I didn't have any clients left.

  8. good one...have my only upvote for the day

  9. When you take into account the 700yards of corridors and 8 flights of steps you’ll need to navigate to get to them you’re probably as quick to go home.

  10. ours is 2 flights. womens on one side, mens on the other. its a hot spot

  11. Exactly, clash royale players need to chill with abbreviating literally everything.

  12. who else tried to push 'OK' button at the end?

  13. just the look of the water is nasty enough to require a hazmat suit when handling that

  14. Probably talking about what snozberries really taste like

  15. no, telling him how to float down after drinking fizzy lifting drink.

  16. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Concorde-Turbo-Jet-Engine-Complete-with-Afterburner/113823113322

  17. And put cardboard cut outs of people by the window with curtains shut. Their shadows will resemble a crowd and find some crowd talking noise effects.

  18. I can not imagine baseball being less exciting but I get what you're saying

  19. try watching bowling, cricket, darts or golf

  20. He is protecting his eyes by closing them. Bullets can't go though eyelids.

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