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C'est magnifique

  1. Thanksgiving a few years back was the most ridiculous "helpful techie" experience I have ever had. After dinner I helped fix my mother-in-law's computer and by the end of the night I had 3 other "appointments" to fix other family members' shit. One of which I just had to say no. When I got more info it had nothing to do with my field (something to do with their business website).

  2. So relatable! My relatives would always ask me something that seems close to my field of expertise but in reality, it is not related.

  3. Meh- this was better than a swat team of FBI agents raiding your house with assault rifles and rifling through your belongings

  4. I can understand that right now, people are just being mad lol.

  5. Dmtri moor is probably one of my favorite Soviet artists. His posters were always epic

  6. Tryina mke a vertical variant so I can make it my wallpaper?

  7. Is the guy in the front just smoking a cigar while in a gn fight??

  8. This is pretty shitty. This poor woman was probably exhausted from work/commute and some jack ass posts hr photo for all the internet to see.

  9. Jesus, is that Bryan Cranston?! Wow... Hal finally wnt nuts... as all Hals do.

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