1. It doesn’t have a really busy design, which was a real staple of the Acceleracers cars. Teku especially because of all the detailing.

  2. I wanted to add more stripes, but I found it hard to do without getting too busy. So I tried to go with more of a clean approach until maybe I can figure something out. Reverb's original livery wasn't too busy comparatively, either, just busier than this.

  3. Aside from that, I do really like it though! You totally nailed the mix of colors. I really like how you used black on the roof and hood, but use white on the trunk. It makes it stand out more, and I’m really into it.

  4. This is such an incredibly awful take. Thank you for posting it, I had a hearty laugh at your buffoonery.

  5. The metal/rock community will never repay its debt to guitar hero. So many new young fans getting into the genres and so many modern classics like this. Hell yeah, man.

  6. Grew up on world tour. My playlist to this day has survivor, foo fighters, and so many classics from my parents’ time. Guitar hero changed the music game

  7. Oh man. You gotta get into some of the great new bands popping off! I’ll give you some recs.

  8. Yeah, that’s like cops that become cops because they want to choke people. Fucking hell.

  9. Gonna get downvoted to hell for this, but...overrated. Jazz was a badly dated stereotype by 2007. At this point, trying to pretend there’s anything there is just pointless imo. He was a weak jobber with annoying character traits, and he didn’t even have that much screen time. TF fans, man.

  10. My racists ass grandmother in law is always posting ignorant shit like this and I usually let it go for my wife’s sake but I just couldn’t NOT respond to this one

  11. Bro, just let it go. She’s a grandma, I’d imagine you won’t have to see her at much more new year’s parties.

  12. How did Dragula not make it on here? One of the nu/industrial fusions ever.

  13. Alternative Metal. They have those same sort of mean, down tuned riffs you find in a lot of nu metal songs, but they’re more like a cousin then a brother.

  14. “The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire we don’t need no water let the motherfucker burn, burn motherfucker”

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