1. Is this really such an common thing that happens in Multiplayer games?

  2. Oh this is super common. Look up on YouTube a video called Apex Legends Teaming RP. You'll be surprised to find out how ridiculous this team-up stuff is in high level matches.

  3. Happened in CoD for killstreaks as well. BF2042 has it in XP farming servers.

  4. Unfortunately, I've been on the receiving end of this multiple times in COD too. Sucks to find out you're up against both your enemies and team members.

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  6. Thank you. Really. I needed this.

  7. It was the last game in the series that had the real dice team.

  8. No dice with the new BFs though.

  9. 50-105 vertical FoV on foot, 45-95 in vehicles it seems.

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