1. Wait, how did you throw your banger…? Mine is attached to my rig when I heat it. Regardless, I’ve also got these burns lol

  2. Heyyyy I have that pajama set! Sorry about your burns.

  3. lol it’s just one long shirt. i used to make fun of my wife for wearing these but now i love them

  4. I'm getting my fluffy. Let's do this. *dims lights. Can I tell you which dispensaries touched my wallet inappropriately ?

  5. Very nice! I tend to use glob mops (check them out! They’re worth the price) so I just use a new container for fresh ones and an old container as my trash can lol

  6. every time i go to my friends to pickup they NEVER have a jar it’s so annoying

  7. Hey man. I’d take a glass baby food container over those shitty silicone “dab containers” any day.

  8. she used to give them to me in tupperware until they were out and i’d have to BMOJ

  9. He knows exactly what personal space is.

  10. a titanium nail as a back up should do the trick

  11. my wife loved her titanium nail. i have a couple of these backup too and they’re $10 at the corner store and they know to keep ‘em stocked lmao

  12. Oh hell yeah dude, great connect. I havnt had any that clear and one was supposed to be 99.9%

  13. I think maybe the buddy system didn’t work because Cheyenne wanted to be Mateo’s parking buddy since they were going to the same place, so Amy would’ve redrawn, or gone with her new group.

  14. I got a thing for seahorses and seashells. And anything with seahorses or seashells on em, like pillows. And towels.

  15. Why did some of them already look like they were in some sort of sauce?

  16. yeah put a lining on the bottom with some sauce, but I didn’t wanna break up the chunks because they’re so pretty 😂😂

  17. you had me at “well gods spirit isn’t doing a good job” or whatever it was 😂😂

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