1. You've started multiple threads about this already.

  2. I don't believe he texted him weird stuff, you're willing to go all out against Miz but then you don't show the texts because it would be embarrassing? Nah, he's putting up a front for his chat.

  3. I agree with you. Bruce popped off way too hard without giving any details. If it was that bad then he would've showed what Miz said. I still think Miz needs to stay out of everything that could even remotely cause any drama. That's exactly what "probation" is and he doesn't know what that entails apparently.

  4. I know nothing about fighting. What constitutes a TKO? I thought it was when they went unconscious.

  5. You're thinking of a KO. TKO is when the ref stops the fight on account of one fighter seriously dominating the other and they are no longer adequately defending themselves.

  6. Maybe no rhthym, but my gawd if she isn't adorable af at all times..

  7. This wasn't satisfying at all. More triggering than anything bc of how little cheese there is 😡

  8. Normally I would say u can see the moment nick unclenched but I don't think he's capable of that

  9. I still think the 4th Pic is the worst cut we've seen to date in the ufc. Exposed artery and everything

  10. Pardon my ignorance, but which fight was that?

  11. After reading the comments I really wish OP used "Song" instead of "Yadong" 🤦‍♂️

  12. I was expecting to read about strippers, drugs, and prostitutes. There's almost nothing wrong with what took place unless you're some kind of uptight prude.

  13. So many things wrong with this. If she doesn't trust that you're telli g her the truth then you need to just end it now. Imagine what else she will accuse you of just because she has vivid dreams. Either that or she's making all of this up to have a reason to break up with you since you are probably otherwise a great boyfriend.

  14. Yup and her contract with twitch ends on 1st 12am which is why she hard ended at 12

  15. Neal fought kinda boring in his last fight so wasnt expecting much, but boy was he fun to watch and very impressive!

  16. How'd you do? Not sure I'd personally pay that much for bulk, even if it is older sets...looks like some aren't great condition either. I thought the big cards were holo at first but it looks like the only holos are the Japanese ones?

  17. Pretty much this exactly. If you paid that price for nostalgic purposes then I say it's a win for you. Other than that, the actual cards aren't THAT great. Only commenting because you asked. Sorry if harsh. But if you're happy then that's all that really matters, right?

  18. Now I'm actually pumped to see the Hermansson fight.

  19. I do this all the time at different restaurants so I'm not always hitting the same spot so frequently. Sometimes McDonald's asks for the code from the app but then I just say I left my phone in the car if that happens. Chipotle is my favorite place to go to because they just set all the orders on a rack for the delivery drivers to pick up. They're always wayy to busy to pay attention so this is the place I go to most.

  20. A newby here. Im about to reach 30 in month and a half playing. Dont tell me 40 can be reached after years! :o

  21. Well, I stopped playing for nearly 2 years.

  22. Price for Ray amazing rare and Base Alakazam? I'll take both if available

  23. Is there a way to hear the commentary for free during the fight? This was the most surreal aspect of my live experience, that there's no commentary.

  24. Free? Not that I know of. Going to a UFC event is truly an amazing experience but with the broadcast having the best view of the fight, on top of commentary, I'm not so sure I'll go to another one.

  25. Not pirated. I meant on ESPN+ since that's where all the fight nights can be found. But in this particular case, it'll be on ABC.

  26. That's your ENTIRE bulk collection? You start collecting pretty recently?

  27. Hahaha yea i started this past January! It was about 60 pounds worth

  28. Hopefully nothing too close to your heart in there

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