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  1. Is this real do places have guilds in 2023 I thought that was like a 1400 thing

  2. "they talk about safety and hired me as a safety inspector, then ignored my safety complaints and told me to be less picky about malfunctioning machines & wobbling ladders."

  3. My gf wears a large strap on which they don’t mind.

  4. Ex theater employee from AMC ages ago. We do not care. Bring in your Starbucks for all we care. Unless you’re bringing in full size pizzas. Just please, throw it away after the showing. Most managers do not care either.

  5. Yes, but your studying indicates that there is a flaw with women, which is bad. Rape stats have been suppressed for such evils.

  6. Biological drive to reproduce, and the social pressures mounted atop it, together form the base reason men & women tried to put up with each other.

  7. It's annoying when podcasts don't post the production date someplace. How am I supposed to know whether this is from yesterday or last year?

  8. Note for future readers;. The responses from apart-cockroach6348 and brucebrave both showed up 4 months after my comment that parents this one, on the same day & within 2 hours of each other.

  9. I tried post it notes everywhere, I would forget the notes most of the time, although just writing stuff down helps me remember most of what I need.

  10. I tried "dear self" notes in grade school, but I'd come back later and think it was a joke played on me because

  11. The problem with your standpoint and everyone else's as well is that trans is being treated as a soul in the wrong body. For this to be real means religion is real, bc religion is the only viewpoint where anyone exists as a soul outside of their body. religion has caused wars throughout human history. This now makes this an extremely difficult topic.

  12. I'm surprised they posted it without adding some feminists writers response about how its their own fault.

  13. They printed the following without immediately denying that men can be abused by women.

  14. I don't know about you, but I'd be rather weirded out if I found out a restaurant was bringing in third party food for their employees to eat. I'd rather give someone the task to prepare cold cut wraps or something, I assume they have ingredients and that's it's not crazy from open to close.

  15. Two valid responses already posted, but also a frugal manager might track that in line with food expiry dates.

  16. To me, it's so boring that it's scary and it's done brilliantly. You get basically a photo gallery for 80% of the screen time and boom terrifying thing happens. You don't know what to expect next in each scene

  17. I had to read at least 4 movie blogs and watch "heck" to figure out what I was supposed to be afraid of.

  18. Will Prowse is a reviewer who points out bargains every now & again. Youtube, and he also has a forum, but the name escapes me. He'll also offer tips on what to look for in batteries.

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