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  1. I’ve already stated that it’s not simply about who’s right and who’s wrong. Obviously it’s the engaged couples bad for not booking their room. And of course it’s not OP’s duty to fix their problem, especially at OP’s expense. BUT, helping them out is the right thing to do for multiple reasons.

  2. Typical Bridezilla. Everyone has to bow to her wishes. She made assumptions but can’t take responsibility for not planning properly OP owes nothing to anyone especially giving her early planning. NTAH

  3. I’m not saying that the bride is owed anything by anyone. OP would not be TA if she doesn’t give up her rooms. Should she give up her rooms if the bride is desperate? I say it would be the right thing to do.

  4. Yes. If by install you mean literally just sliding it in. Very simple. There ARE those metal tracks that the old microwave sits on for its height though. Take it all out, take those tracks off old microwave, and put them on new microwave.

  5. Ugh i moved into a place and they had removed that microwave, though there are two metal pieces that I hope are the tracks. I hope all the stuff is still there! Thank you OP

  6. No problem. These metal tracks just lifted the microwave up so it fits in the trim. It also attaches to the cabinet to anchor the microwave in.

  7. OP, these fears are not overly irrational and there is a certain amount of fear/paranoia that can be helpful. Keep close with people you trust. Talk to them about how you’re feeling. It’s very good for you. Also, It is not just men, but also and equally women that make these laws.

  8. the chances aren't small, there isn't a woman alive who hasn't been the victim of sexual harassment or assault at some point, most of us have endured it more than once

  9. You almost had me there until you said “leave all womens problems to women”. Oh and your aggressive nature and overall terrible tone does not help either.

  10. You sound self righteous throughout the whole post which is annoying.

  11. Fine fine, you got us. Predictions will stop….tomorrow.

  12. We good homie. Thank you for all you do.

  13. Nothing is bothering me? I’m all for it. My own opinion is that loopring should be focused more on their own wallet.

  14. Maybe GameStop owns fully or a majority of Loopring? Maybe they have an agreement with GameStop that they will promote the GS Wallet for x amount of time? Just throwing out possibilities.

  15. I…drink…your….dates. “intense sluuurp” I drink it up!!

  16. As hard as it may be, do not react. Don’t feed into her need for attention. Just be you. Honestly, I bet the guy doesn’t really like to be around you either. Whatever this is, is likely short lived.

  17. Wow. That’s sicks man. Really great photos as well. I didn’t even know there was a Red Arabian

  18. This makes it extremely improbable that anything will happen today. When something is up, they shut up about it until its official. This is just giving some breadcrubs for board autists to keep speculations and hype up for another few days. As a boss, im sure he goes hard for work and shit. But his public communications so far, has 100% been about winning more time. I realize full well, one day they wont need more time. But until then, they do. Sorry. Keep your heads up, one day MOASS is upon us.

  19. They are gonna open the NFT Marketplace and the price will go boom. THEN, they will announce a dividend split and the price will go KA-BOOM.

  20. The NFT marketplace launch will have no impact on the price. Look at how much the public and non-crypto ppl hate the mere utterance of the word NFT. The split might have an effect on the price but considering the macro environment right now, I don't see ppl FOMO'ing into anything.

  21. Well I already said it’d go boom.

  22. You definitely stole this from another post.

  23. You definitely stole this from another post. This exact graphic

  24. You definitely stole this from another post. This exact graphic

  25. This right here is the only reason I check this sub everyday. Good work ape.

  26. I love all our staple-apes, but we are on a 91 day streak here friend!

  27. I mean it was cold the night she asked for it, but I saw her wearing it the next morning too. Does she really like me?

  28. “Oh, what's the point? When I like them, they don't like me, when they like me, I don't like them. Why can't I act with the ones I like the same way I do with the ones I don't like?” — George Costanza, Seinfeld

  29. My baby mama did that to a guy once. She even had the balls to wear it to the bar he hangs out at. These hoes are savages!

  30. Yeah that’s a whole other level of savagery

  31. I hate to be that guy but what is the best floorplan tool that is truly free? Thank You

  32. You mean the over glorified janitors? Yes, yes I am.

  33. Dandy. Let me ask, would we be having this conversation if the mods did their initial jobs?

  34. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Shills will shill. None of it matters. Trying to blame the mods for shills is counterproductive and borderline blaspheme. Ape no fight ape. Buy, hold, DRS, and enjoy the show.

  35. If I stole over 5million dollars I would be in prison now when they steal they get a fine 🤷‍♂️

  36. Why is this bullish? Or moreso, “bullish as fuck”

  37. I’m just about to go to sleep mate hope that explained it I can explain it more if you can you tell me what you don’t understand when I wake in the morning but I bet you I’ll go back and check the price before I close my eyes sweet dreams I’ll be having!!

  38. You explained why you think it’s bullish perfectly. Thank you.

  39. You cannot be both straight and gay.

  40. I’ve got a 10x10 room and the queen is pretty much the only thing that will fit in there. Maybe go with a double?

  41. Dude how did you get this picture. I know your intention is pure but this seems weird to me.

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