LPT: Waving someone through a stop sign when they stopped after you is not doing anybody a favour and most competent drivers are just annoyed at you for behaving unpredictably

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  1. Looking good! I haven't bought any in a good while, I should look to add some more to my collection

  2. Hi, in the case that 3 cars stop at the same time, the one most to the right goes 1st correct?

  3. Same feeling when playing the game too, I got GC in season 14 and now we're 4 seasons off from seeing red S14 GC titles. Gonna be weird

  4. Cam settings look solid, Sensitivity is fine too but it's all preference, different for everybody just experiment and find what's good for you

  5. Going to offer myself as sacrifice as the only RM flair in this post.

  6. Warriors are cheap, and there are a lot of ruins to find that will help with that goal.

  7. Ight, I'll start producing some warriors then next turn, thanks!

  8. Don’t explore south, if aquarion has trained any units yet, they’ll curbstomp you. Get more troops before you go meet them

  9. I already had a single battle with them. They had a guy find my ship but didn't attack it and then next turn they were gone back to their area

  10. Feel like I've seen the name before but honestly I have no clue

  11. Print out a cut out and tape it onto your shirt for the whole event

  12. Exactly. Left that stupid sub already, so many pathetic troll kids there who are not even watching matches. Not long ago there was some idiot saying that Kroos did absolutely nothing this season, or another idiot criticized his dedication saying like he is just thinking about retirement. Like you said, draw or loss and suddenly everyone needs to be sold and sacked, insulted and questioned their dedication and every other comment saying how game is over when Modric and Kroos starts together, Mendy is shit, Asensio is just taking money, Carvajal is finished, Ancelotti is clueless and it's his fault, Benzema is finished, Vinicius is bad and hundreds of stupid shitty takes.

  13. I want to leave the sub, but where will be able to quickly find Madrid news?

  14. Not a name change, just a nickname he has that doubles as an alternate gamertag

  15. Just upload the clip of Donovan talking about indoor 👍

  16. Man I was gonna watch a few one piece episodes tonight :(

  17. I hope the maintenance won't last until past midnight, I'm currently listing watch orders and planning to watch some later

  18. Hope it's up in time for you. I was gonna watch some and then sleep but I guess I'll sleep now

  19. I've been watching since the beta lol, Neatmike is not in the realm of importance universe of Johnnyboi.

  20. It would just be 4 Johnny's if we're being honest

  21. 4 Johnny's but when you tear down the mountain, inside lies the true content goat. Neatmike.

  22. I fell deeply in love with a girl I dated in highschool and she ended up not liking me but I was in love with her along time after that, years have gone by and I still have dreams about her now and again like we just got together and we're both deeply in love then when I wake I realize what it was a dream and the loneliness I feel is just soul crushing . Wouldent wish it on anybody.

  23. That seems to be what I'm goin through right now. Approaching year 3, but 1 yeat after high-school

  24. Will be very excited for an Anime for it. Will be first time reading a manga first and then see it be adapted to an anime!

  25. Camavinga left back...Kroos starting...no Ceballos...gonna be a fun game 🙃

  26. I think Vini could really use a rest. He's made 38 appearances out of 40 games this season and has the most minutes on the squad with 200 more than Valverde, who himself has almost 600 more than Courtois who's in 3rd. I know he's young so he's able to play more, but I think we might be using him too much.

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