1. Yooooo that would have been insane if they scored that

  2. Didn't even realize you could play horizontally

  3. Lmao Vini poking his head in frame before it cut away

  4. Was it ever confirmed what arsenal had? It had to me like food poisoning or something right?

  5. Gregan. World Champion coach, gorgeous man, and top tier analyst.

  6. Let's goo! I miss seeing this team name in RLRS

  7. Let's goo! I miss seeing this team name in RLRS

  8. Why couldn't you do all 16 teams in the main event, :(

  9. They definitely planned this out before wildcard took place, but I really don't understand why they couldn't do 16 teams. It makes no sense why they'd choose to only have half the teams as an option

  10. Bummer I saw the post and was excited to choose Renegades only to them not on the list :(

  11. Kcp have been improving as the seasons gone on, they'll only get better. Looking forward to what they will do next season. Ggs

  12. Really hope Arsenal doesn't end up having Covid

  13. Well he is throwing up a bunch, could he have a stomach flu?

  14. Analyst people please I need to know assuming Renegades lose and KCP win, what are the chances they play each other in the final round?

  15. Assuming Renegades lose and KCP win, what's the chance that they will play each other in the final round?

  16. Is the cymanti a good tribe? I just bought them yesterday because they looked unique and I wanted to finally try out the multilayer section of this game, I haven't played a game with them yet so seeing the stuff in your picture looks crazy lol

  17. Omg praying someone hase got footage of both

  18. We said farewell to the Ramen kings last chapter, now we say farewell to Kei Shirogane. And to another next chapter 😭

  19. One of the first anime I watched when I started in 2019, think it's time I give it a rewatch this winter

  20. Lemme tell ya, you got the 0 time, Odegaard , always coming in clutch, locking up the midfield. You got Kieran Tierney , one of the greatest defenders in the world! Passing plays, dribbling plays, the defensive reads he stops them all he slots them all. And then...ooh....Saka. Top 3 player in The premier league right there. Lemme tell ya, when Saka is on Form NOTHING IS STOPPING THE MACHINE, they're just clicking, not even Manchester City can stop the Machine!

  21. Low key arsenal gonna finish top 3 this season

  22. I guess people don't like kv1

  23. Senbei vs Veloce prolly gonna be a good match

  24. Brazilian cheeks did indeed got clapped today. As predicted.

  25. Scripted so NRG makes top 8

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