1. Unplugging while on? Shouldn't happen either way though

  2. I haven't seen anyone who sent it in for repair without getting charged. Plus, the motherboards are very hard to come by. Just be careful with it. They may have updated the 2022s some. I know it was an issue with 20 and 21s.

  3. They just passed a private school voucher program. They have fought and won on school lunches. Trans individuals have to use the birth gender bathrooms, which will cause problems. Specifically, bullying, which will increase an already high suicide demographic even higher.

  4. Doesn't the orange indicate we can order?

  5. Going to be coming thru Cedar Rapids a week from Sunday. What’s the best place to grab lunch?

  6. Depends on what kind of food you like. If you like pub-style food you're in luck. We have literally dozens of places for that. If you like something else you'll likely only have a few choices.

  7. Wanatee park trees were ash I believe so they were going to be killed by ash borer in the next couple years

  8. Thanks. Still pretty disappointing. Hopefully they replant this year.

  9. very confused how others' battery metal clip jumps. it's very easy to slide off. you can just carefully push it one side at a time until the pin is free to be removed

  10. Pushing the bottom of the laptop in and out will eventually break the wires holding the connector in place. Unless your laptop sits on a desk all the time it's just a matter of time before it happens. I use mine on my lap and it goes into a pannier on a bike. Mine was broken before I even tried to replace the battery (which was actually fine just wouldn't charge because the wires to the harness were broken). It's not the least bit rugged and moving it at all will damage it. At least that's the case with my 2020 G14. Maybe it's better on newer ones but it doesn't sound like it.

  11. can you elaborate what you mean by pushing the bottom in and out? i have owned and used more than 10 laptops in my life and I'm a daily commuter. i don't remember using a laptop like that

  12. If you push on the center of the bottom of the laptop it moves (though I wouldn't do that much). You put it on your knee and the bottom plastic piece gets pressure on it so it gets pushed in a bit. When I put it in my bike pannier and it moves around there is also pressure on the bottom. Hold the laptop between your thumb and fingers (like a pincer grip) and that puts pressure on the back cover. The battery harness touches the plastic cover so when pressure is put on the bottom of the laptop the harness moves because it's not attached with anything more than thin rigid wire. Repeated pressure over time is going to break the wires holding the harness.

  13. Wisconsin would be without probably the most corrupt and poisoned state legislature. State has the worst gerrymandered state legislature around and it has poisoned their well for 15 years. The poor people vote well and it doesn’t change anything because being a democracy and having democracy aren’t the same thing

  14. Just a few weeks before their state supreme court vote. It's a huge election for the state and the country as well.

  15. First, be careful. It's not easy and it is dangerous. You will crash if you aren't really careful and well prepared. If you are really careful and prepared you will also crash. There's a high probability you'll go over the bars. I've done this with two different dogs but I'm far from an expert. Here are some of the ways I've crashed:

  16. Anderson Ericson Cottage cheese. AE makes great dairy products.

  17. So everyone in CR is a bad driver because you had one incident where someone tried to be nice. You use this incident to say you are the only good driver despite being 50% of the problem in the one incident you use to illustrate your driving prowess.

  18. Someone stopping in the middle of the road to try and wave the person behind them to go I front of them isn’t being nice. It’s dangerous. The nice thing would have for them to just continue on and I would have merged behind them, no problem.

  19. I wasn't there but I suspect that you're seeing your actions here through rose colored glasses. You're certainly one who seems to post with a bit of hyperbole. I would bet that the person who stopped would say that they thought you were going to hit them so they decided to slow down to let you in.

  20. State parks in WI do charge admission (for parking). But they are worth it.

  21. If I was buying a cheap steel bike or a cheap aluminum FS I’d get a Kona.

  22. I got my wife a Kona Dr Dew in 2020. Great bike. At the time it was 1099 with a SRAM SX 1 by 12 which is a steal today. Put some much nicer tires on it and it's fantastic.

  23. Which is exactly why I recommend soma, Poseidon, and state to anybody looking at surly

  24. I really want a bare aluminum X Ambition but I just want the frame and fork. I have a bikesdirect Gravity Zilla frame with a nice 1x and a nice wheelset but I haven't seen Poseidon offer the ambition in frame only.

  25. I'm a science teacher (in Iowa) I think I'll begin every lesson with "Slavery is wrong." from here on out.

  26. You teach like that they put you in jail. No trial no nothing. Straight to jail.

  27. The smoked wings from The Local Craft on Center Point Road; every once and a while I still get hit with a craving for them.

  28. Their deconstructed jalapeno poppers and cheese curds were awesome.

  29. Commute to work daily (3 miles each way with numerous longer rides), spin bike about 4-6 hours a week (low level). In the winter fat bike 10 miles on the weekend. When it's nicer out road/gravel/MTB ride 15+ 1-2 times a week. Jog 10-20 miles a week.

  30. Be realistic, this doesn't make the roads safer. The people who ran red lights and sped before are going to keep doing it where the cameras aren't looking. All this does is generate revenue.

  31. Look like Panaracer Gravel Kings to me. Not sure of the exact GKs though.

  32. Lightworks is a nice coffee shop downtown in the same building as Benz Beverage Depot.

  33. They tried that before back in the early 2000s. It's one of the reasons why the roads are so awful now because the repairs didn't last long at all and they didn't have the resources to keep sending crews back to the same places over and over.

  34. But they're still doing it. Our road, which was in good shape, was stripped last year and covered in blacktop. I guarantee in five years it will be worse than it was before they "fixed" it. The year before they redid much of the road for sewer work. Meadowbrook between Memorial and Fifth Avenue had to be repaired 3 times due to someone messing up. I think a lot of resources are wasted due to poor planning.

  35. 5th Ave SE between 10th and 14th. If you want to test your vehicles tires and suspension drive down through there. It's like a bone jarring washboard.

  36. I don't think there's any original road left. Just patches.

  37. Is that a library? That cart in the upper right sure looks like a book cart.

  38. The only word that comes to mind is heroes. These two legends are heroes. Rip that giant metal penis tree down and put up a statue of these two gods in it's place.

  39. We know this. We just don’t know if they know this.

  40. Exactly. Defensive driving isn't bad driving. It's just driving knowing everyone else is on their phone, doesn't understand the rules, or is just an asshole.

  41. Sorry I never replied! I’ve had them a year now and not had a puncture… I need a new set and part of my wants to try a different pair but the other part of me says don’t fix what ain’t broke

  42. Thanks for the reply. I appreciate you coming back to this after a while.

  43. With the right tech, a solar farm and a pig farm are non intrusive.

  44. Sure, but one is regulated because solar is scary, causes cancer, kills birds, makes baby jesus sad and the other is allowed to dump literal shit into the water system and roast pigs alive because it's cheaper than putting them down humanely.

  45. First off... I'm a DIY kind of guy, so I like to be creative in solving on the cheap...Just a thing ya know... So that's the "Why"...

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