1. Did we ever hear the truth of what happened at the crowning according to Jobere?

  2. This is worse than any drag race take I’ve ever seen on here

  3. Her mug in the performance was… interesting too!

  4. Right, her performance look and performance itself was kind of a mess too, idk how anyone thinks that was a winning performance

  5. This season is kinda dry without the tea being real, I feel like they made up the most iconic sounding shit possible to build hype for what is going to be a fun but ultimately unmemorable season in a flopping franchise

  6. Icesis was kinda robbed but putting her top 2 would have robbed Silky or Victoria of a top 2 placement so idk… should have done the first top 3 lip sync for the win idc

  7. His videos often contain more riggory than than the actual riggory on the show he pretends to “fix”

  8. she might’ve fallen from grace lately but bitch CAN and WILL model whenever possible

  9. And Bricks magazine is the perfect place to do it ❤️

  10. Who would have won between A'Whora and Ellie to You Don't Have To Say You Love Me?

  11. Definitely A’Whora, there’s no way Ellie would have been able to emote as well as we seen her do

  12. Sasha on AW is gonna be kuntenserven for the talent show alone, like I’m seated for the projector already

  13. Pixie’s character in the acting challenge was based on her, I assume it’s that?

  14. I’m so happy Danny is a winner, but it also doesn’t feel right that Cheddar Gorgeous isn’t a winner

  15. At least we know she'll STORM whatever All Stars season she does

  16. A lot of girls will be scared and they should be!

  17. This is Cassandra from doctor who toy btw like why does it look sm like her 💀

  18. I’m obsessed with Cheddar’s vocals on her Realness verse even if the verse itself isn’t the most memorable, it’s ~doing things~ to me

  19. I would die for Anita Wig’Lit Idc, I need her to be the Kiwi Jujubee and just keep coming back after this

  20. Am I the only one that liked that SG and enjoyed the format change? Rajah and Icesis ate snatch game so bad! Vanity and Victoria made me laugh a lot too. The delusional Anita stan in me doesn’t think she was that bad, I found her funny and enjoyed the mess esp the look💀 a rough moment for Stephanie though, why did she think it was ever gonna work/be ok to do Cardi 🥴

  21. What is this reading challenge pleaseeee 😭 did they put their reads through translate before delivering them

  22. Wtf is Jonbers tweet about… does she mean the “crowning” they filmed in the studio or like the live reveal they have with the cast on the night?

  23. cheddar's lipsync was FAR from being a trainwreck be serious

  24. Right like she took too much stuff off without any pay off but she was giving face and serving emotion, in no way was it a train wreck

  25. Now why did Canadian producers take Anita’s best moment out in ep1 apparently where she shares a story of her speaking up in a Catholic Church telling this man he can’t shame anyone for being gay or trans and how much it took him to speak up and say that after being part of the church for 31 years

  26. Brooke told the producers to decimate Anita’s screen time NASTLY

  27. Everyone reading Jinkx for doing nothing with her second reign and she goes and gets cast on Broadway in one of the best shows, truly QOQ behaviour!

  28. Not that absolute MOTHER photo of the United Kingdolls on their DU tour being marked as NSFW when I tried to put it in my comment I- I guess the level of mother really was just too much to bear, people would have been killed

  29. The more I listen the more some of Icesis verse sounds so immature like… eenie meenie miney moe?

  30. Why was Stephanie talking about getting naked in her verse, she’s not exactly what you’d call a scantily clad queen??

  31. The way he acts like Jaida’s biggest fan whilst being racist and making micro aggressions against other black queens, sometimes in the same sentence… also he just sounds so bored and fucking dull whilst making videos, please stop sir you are making them to NO one’s benefit

  32. Jonbers is the Doctor Who of drag, mother has a new regeneration everytime she gets into it, AND that’s her brand and we stan her for it

  33. One thing I’m glad about Kendall being gone already is not having to see her do that stirring arm gesture she does every 3rd sentence in her confessionals

  34. Vanity ATE but I can’t believe we were robbed of her and Rajah for Rita, if she had served it might have been easier to swallow but what she was giving… we were all gagging from the smell

  35. Kendall was honestly just eliminated cause she was a last minute replacement and they didn’t want her there, lbr 💀 Like the glow up Brooke said she could see in Rita I could see more in Kendall honestly than Rita

  36. What is Elon doing like… watching him destroy Twitter in real time is crazy. Couldn’t he just fuck around with his billions on board one of his rockets and get stranded in space instead? Like not to be chronically online but wtf am I gonna do without Twitter for p*rn and memes and shit

  37. Drag Den’s concept being a piss take on the drug trade is so funny and random, “drag dealer” sent me, it’s high 🏕

  38. Danny and Cheddar should’ve had one LOW each, argue with that wall over there

  39. Danny could have got a low for SG cause she was as bad as Pixie for me

  40. ok this is not what we boutta do right now yall can have this stan twitter ass shit another day

  41. Nah you’re right, I wasn’t trying to make this a silly stan wars thing, but the severity of the situation is way above making these kinda jokes

  42. Cheddar and Danny have had equally strong wins tbh, both have had winning weeks where they were the standout ( SG cheddar, improv Danny) and others where they were amongst the best (Cheddar for this acting challenge, Danny whilst having an amazing performance in the Rusical, that win could have justifiably went to Jonbers too if her runway was better) but not necessarily THE best. I’m not buying that Danny’s are more memorable either (we haven’t seen her roast yet).

  43. Bimini’s new song would be so good without her vocals tbh. The sound + production is kinda giving The XX

  44. Callum Scott Howells in Cabaret… I need him to

  45. The way I bought a Jimbo pin for my bag before she became 🥴, lost it like 2 days later in the cinema and found £10 trying to find it… the universe was trying to tell me something

  46. Brooke Nastlynn Hytes trust you will be dealt with!

  47. Maybe unpopular opinion but Juju was nowhere near bottom 2 EVERY WEEK for UKvsTW

  48. Who was then? Saury but she truly wasn’t giving until Snatch Game

  49. The only rumixes worth replaying are rywy, category is, kitty girl, cdr 1's you wear it well, first two verses of super queen, and an absolutely underrated gem - losing is the new winning

  50. Jess Glynne having only 399 followers on the bird app 💀🤭

  51. Yes this comment is foul and vitriolic but I can’t lie it made me giggle a little 🫣🫣

  52. Oh Tyra was PISSED to not be on All Winners 😮

  53. It’s sending me that Jonbers wants to fight Lawrence for saying her makeover partners name was terrible, like how was she supposed to know it was sentimental?

  54. Im sorry but like how was Lawrence meant to know its from Jonbres childhood. I don't even remember any of the make up partners names bar Cheddars 😭

  55. It’s such an overreaction, like to call her a disgrace for it is so out of pocket 😭 it’s so weird tho cause she seems totally chill on the show when being read by the judges and the other queens but blows up over this off the show????

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