1. It would be like how it’s always been.

  2. “I love you so much” -Ride

  3. “I’ve always known. I’ve always known” in Up My Sleeves creeps me out as it sounds like a mix of prophetic and paranoid and leads to the creepy quiet “Broadway cemetery” part.

  4. Nothing compared to 1000 gecs I think. Hoping they expand their sound more which seems like they did more on the singles where as this feels like older stuff.

  5. Agreed. EP felt like “I’ve already heard this but better” both from gecs themselves and other artists.

  6. So brave, thanks for the solidarity.

  7. Wtf is ITYSL just type that shit out

  8. No one needs to know your fucking cultural reference but wtf is known enough to not need typing out fckn rtrd.

  9. Language doesn’t have a point, unfortunately.

  10. I always felt like he had been writing the lyrics for Beware years before forming Death Grips, perhaps as a poem without thinking of flow. Then he unleashed it all once he got the perfect time and place. Feel like that for most of Exmilitary.

  11. Idk how anyone could listen to his music and not think about Nazis and antisemitism. What sane person would play his music in public? It’s not like the man made a mistake. This is who he is and what he represents.

  12. Are you doing a background check on every artist you intend to listen to?

  13. This is like that goat fucker joke. You build many things and nobody mentions it but you fuck a goat once and you’re remembered as the goat fucker.

  14. Your opinion on the matter doesn't make any sense. Are you suggesting you rather everything else he has done wrong should stay in the shadows? He did some fucked up shit and now it's all coming up. Going around and having work done for you but not paying out is partly what he had a melt down towards the industry about. What he has done should not be forgotten, positive and negative alike.

  15. Read my comment again. I don’t claim Kanye ‘should’ be forgiven for any wrongdoing or offensive statement he made. What I’m highlighting is the hypocrisy of the media in treating anti-semitism (which is a type of bigotry just as awful as any other) as worse and more punishable than other types of bigotry.

  16. You don’t see much hate cause almost all active posters hate women and LGBTQ people, so the hate seems like regular humor.

  17. He only wakes up third of the way so doesn’t really matter.

  18. Fantano posting here to generate new video ideas.

  19. How much could be Kanye’s active earnings? How much actual money does he directly earn a month? Is it through royalties, occasional shows and media appearances etc.?

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