1. Norman Finkelstein used the past tense when talking about Noam Chomsky in a couple of interviews. In the last one "...Professor Chomsky who was a secular for sure he never rejected the enlightenment view...".

  2. Can you link to that interview? And timestamp if possible?

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GgHsSrNb2k&t=0s

  4. well i guess not much at all ideologically, i guess “democrats” would be a better term

  5. Are you american? It’s so american to think “democrats” could have anything to do with left even for a split second

  6. this one guy told me he liked crystal castles so we shared favorite songs and tell me what to swallow was one of his three can't remember the others but i thought it was surprising since i love that song but he isn't even a big fan of the band and it's in his top

  7. It's likely that the song was recommended to him on Spotiy Weekly or sth if he's been listening to lots of moody acoustic songs.

  8. It's been a while but I think it's PR, he knows or is made aware that his fanbase predominantly listens to Mitski and Mitski fanbase could become his fans, so he goes for that.

  9. Probably end up like the USSR/Russia after its collapse, economic downturn, chaos, ethnic violence, two Xinjiang wars, then an ultranationalist dictator comes to power and starts invading neighbours... You get the idea.

  10. You mean constant harrassment and destabilization by the US-NATO that leads to a major war? Checks out.

  11. You mean the band or the song called Death Grips from the EP? The latter samples Lightning Girl by Nancy Sinatra, so you can go from there. Even then, it must be easy to play it by ear, no?

  12. The band Deathgrips, I’m just looking for any song to play from them. I don’t know if you have ever played harp, but with songs like these it’s difficult to just play it by ear.

  13. Well, their top 5 songs on Spotify could have music sheets on the internet if you look them up since they’re pretty popular and more melodic than the rest.

  14. No surprise BBC story on the evidence of mass rape at the festival where Hamas attacked

  15. Exclusively anonymous testimonies reported by potentially biased officials are “evidence” now?

  16. Only ~700,000 refugees were removed from Palestine in 1948. Of that group, over 90% of them have died. The overwhelming majority of the "refugees" are the descendants who have never lived in the land themselves. They were born in Syria and Jordan. Even the survivors of the Nakba still alive today were not the adults who owned the houses but rather their babies in 1948.

  17. So Palestinian speaking people born in Syria and Jordan can’t return cause they’ve never been there and they have no homes there, but Jewish people born and raised in US can not only “return” but also kick off Palestinian people from their homes to settle there?

  18. Centuries of Damn would fit so well to the map

  19. Damn yall must be poor af. This really isn't a mansion. Looks more like a well kept plantation house than anything.

  20. how does everyone clock me as this immediately. how did you know

  21. Lol you look like a friend of mine but I checked ur post history (you mentioned boobs so I had to) and saw the mention of Turkish donuts and then Turkish cats. I don’t think it’s obvious tho. Anyways great meme (in both languages).

  22. •A fascist government that tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians established.

  23. Finally some American casualties

  24. Idiots claim the Mercator shows Africa as smaller than it really is but Europe bigger than it really is because of racism.

  25. This video simply shows that racism or eurocentrism cannot be the only (or even the best) reason for the Mercator projection.

  26. The same thing is happening to me. It’s so frustrating.

  27. Press-hold your message, and there’s an option to ‘unsend’, though it’s not red.

  28. Where did I say Jewish people are not or do not mostly pass as white? (Tho a white supremacist wouldn’t consider them white enough)

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