1. Man. My dog isn't even 2 yet and knowing this day will come already kills me to think about it. 😭

  2. Literally wasn't worth $1.50 for me to read that.

  3. I refurb Yakima parts and have everything needed for that gen wagon base rack (kayak cradles are cheap on amazon). Feel free to send me a text 614 three eight five 3826.

  4. My phone broke yesterday lol. Took an involuntary dip in the lake. How much would you be selling the kit for?

  5. $310 + shipping if you want a fairing, $230 + shipping if you just want towers/cross bars.

  6. What is your budget? I refurb Yakima parts and have all of the pieces that year requires.

  7. I refurb Yakima parts and have everything to fit that year. I actually have both new and used Baseline towers and Core bars, and used but good condition the correct baseclips needed. I have a wind fairing too if that interests you at all. From there you can just order whichever basket/roof box you want and attach it. Feel free to text me if interested, 614 three eight five 3826.

  8. Panini Opa on Sawmill, Tai’s Asian Bistro on West Lane Avenue and Scotty’s Cafe on Bexley.

  9. Panini Opa is just another Koble. Identical menus. My friend raved about it, I drove across the city and see the menu and go "is this another koble w/ different name?" And they said yes. I was annoyed as hell because I eat Koble often and it's 10 min away vs 25.

  10. I've definitely driven to Bowling Green for Myles before they left. No way I'm making the drive to SC to get some now. Maybe if I'm ever in the area. 🤷‍♂️

  11. I refurb Yakima parts and have everything for that year. I can get you the basic parts (towers, door clips, and 48" bars) for $235 + shipping. I also have a wind fairing (+$80) and locks (+$40) if you're interested in those and your budget allows for it.

  12. What year focus? I refurb Yakima parts and might have a complete set available. Just need to check the fit guide.

  13. I don't have any bike trays to support E bikes, but I have the base rack system for sale to fit that year Altima (towers, cross bars, door clips, wind fairing (optional)). For trays to support an e-bike, it'll depend on their weight. The Frontloader I believe is rated for 50 or 60 lbs. Feel free to text me if interested 614 three eight five 3826.

  14. it's a 2016 C - I called one place about the hitch (I have a rack from my old SUV) and the place said they couldn't do it because it would kill my warranty - I didn't ask around to confirm, maybe they just didn't want to. I'd love to have both again... I'm on my 3rd Prius and I really miss an SUV now.

  15. A hitch rack won't void the warranty unless it directly impacts an item. Like if your engine blew up, they can't say "ah the hitch rack caused that!", but let's just say for conversations sake, if a hitch rack had to be drilled into the frame to mount (no idea how it does, so just use this as an example) and your frame started developing rust around those drilled holes, thats a different story.

  16. I figure after enough they'll just get confused and agree to remove my number. 🤷‍♂️

  17. The tents usually weigh 100-130lbs. They're generally not much heavier than that.

  18. That is the DYNAMIC weight limit. Not STATIC.

  19. You would need the correct Baseclips, but I have Yakima Baseline towers and Core bars (aero shaped but not the higher end Jetstreams) for sale. Feel free to text me if interested. 614 three eight five 3826

  20. I refurb Yakima parts and have a couple sets to fit that year Prius. I have some bike trays too, depending on the bike (rim/disc brakes, thru axle vs quick release, etc). Send me a text if interested. 614 three eight five 3826.

  21. I have a complete Yakima Q tower system for sale to fit that year. Towers, door clips, bars, and wind fairing. $380 + whatever shipping is.

  22. I noticed my bill credit (I just send set amount each month, not in the budget plan done by AEP) has been going down more than I expected. I looked and my bill is about 22% higher this year vs similar useage last year (~1100 kw/h). I know the whole thing with the increased rate took place since then and I didn't opt out. Maybe my memory sucks, but I thought what I saw was that it'd increase bills around 10%, which in my mind was like "that's not a terrible bump to get clean energy".

  23. I've got full Yakima Q tower system for sale to fit 15-17s. Towers, bars, fairing, door clips. I have some bike trays too (Yakima Copperhead, QR/fork mount style).

  24. Camp Chase trail starting in Darbydale will have little traffic and only a few road crossings (lightly traveled roads, we rarely have traffic to wait for when riding this trail) and will go all the way to London. It goes a lot further but thats the easy to navigate section of it.

  25. Alum creek trail. 15 miles. Perfect for my 14 miler Saturday lol. Thank you for the suggestions! Does it avoid intersections and what not?

  26. No. You're going to have to cross some roads. I live near Easton and ride it often to get to less busy roads out near Sunbury. If you start at Easton you'll have a road crossing at Cooper Rd (~2.5 miles), and a number along where it goes along Cleveland Ave/Polaris/Rt 3 (miles 6-13) up to Galena. But none of them are dangerous. If you go south from Easton, you can go about 4 miles before you have to cross a road (Sunbury).

  27. I was driving through Powell last night and saw $3.59 or $3.49. I needed gas and looked at Speedway (since I have a speedway cc and get tons of points) and it was still 4.09ish everywhere. Checked Sheetz a couple miles away and it was $3.49 for 87 or $3.19 for E15.

  28. Amen. I'm tired of riding on Central College every week.

  29. Great tip! But the text on the shifter is unfortunately worn and hard to read. Looks like it says 6600 or 6800 perhaps

  30. This is fucking painful. How many cogs are on the rear? If it's 11 speed, it's 6800 series Ultegra. If it's 10 (which I doubt since you don't have external cable that I can see) it's 6600.

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