1. As far as I’ve seen far left people care too much about peoples rights and far right people don’t care enough.

  2. Fuck the embarrassment. He’s leaving shit stains in your bed and leaving you to clean them up - he should be embarrassed. Confront him immediately and tell him he starts washing his ass or he stops sleeping at your place.

  3. forcing their kids to become cheerleaders or football players because they either did that in high school or never got to and they want to live vicariously through their children

  4. i like the last rug bc of the pink that matches the stools, the tv should not to the left

  5. ignore it and mistreat it more often, it’ll thrive

  6. as a collector i would put some really cool rocks. you could put a piece of art, a plant, a little knick knack

  7. As someone who lives right outside of Memphis, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Really just a lot of peaceful protesting and support for Nichols’ family. Those cops should be in prison for the rest of their lives for what they did to that man - they beat him to a pulp after screaming at him and ganging up on him. His family should sue and the cops should be imprisoned.

  8. The bigger the party the bigger the percentage imo. I work as a host and to-go server and I see parties come dine in all the time with 10-20 people, sit for 3 and a half hours, and nobody leaves a penny as a tip. Not to mention how much they have their server running around for every little thing. If you’re going out to eat, especially with a lot of people, tip.

  9. the difference is consent. idk what that’s so hard for people to understand

  10. different wall colors for sure, this weird beige feels so industrial and cold. offer menstrual products in a basket thats easy to identify. some pretty art, maybe a nice rug? some fake plants too

  11. I would think they want us to be baby machines for as long as possible

  12. pick warmer toned colors for a cozy feel. maybe a nicer light in the ceiling and a floor lamp. warmer toned rug or something with texture.

  13. it’s not allowed anymore. it has to be early access only and it has to be public at some point

  14. those are lice, they look young. get a lice treatment kit for everyone in the house and thoroughly wash and dry every item of clothing you’ve worn recently or you find them on. we used to put my bedding in trash bags and put it in the sun to kill them

  15. Correct the ones that are wrong but also repeat the name of the ones that do it right so they aren’t embarrassed

  16. haven’t there been recalls on roundup because it gave people cancer? dig them up by hand or use an alternative spray

  17. PLEASE pre bus your tables - a host also working at a longhorn

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