1. I have always been a huge fan of waters...but this tweet is not wrong.

  2. the fact that you said QuickTime made me feel ancient as dirt hhahah

  3. Until you watched the first season...downloaded on 56k with half the frames missing to make the file size smaller ....

  4. whatd you download it on? man we had one of the higher end windows ME machines at the time at my buddys house and we used to punish that thing with P2P apps like Kazaa and Morpheus and shit when XP came around they got even more bizarre with the names! I had one it was named KonTiki and it would adda tooltip right click to like any clickable element and say "get it with Kontiki" lol wild west times

  5. Sorry, I meant Flex as opposed to basic economy.

  6. I was hoping it had been an annual occurrence in the past.

  7. If your flight gets cancelled, book a rental car and drive to yyz

  8. All that battery time means nothing. Camera stil can't take a picture of your pet or kid without shutter lag and blur. Voice to text is very inaccurate and you will still get loads of spam calls. They still have lots of work to do

  9. To be fair, they're surrounded by oceans of parking lots. Too bad that land can't be reclaimed. /s

  10. Well yes...but technically you are selling/making a profit on your neighborhood.. usually higher than market rates

  11. I don't know what happened with you in Las Vegas, but my wife and I had a GREAT time

  12. I'm sorry that happened to you! Did you complain to the staff? I would have!

  13. Anyone manage to get their luggage back that was checked in last night for a cancelled flight?

  14. I am staying at the Novotel and can see the airport from my window

  15. Homie if you think Calgary is cookie cutter suburbia, I suggest you travel to Houston or Dallas and reassess how lucky we are lol

  16. Calgary is objectively anything but a bad city. Inner city is awesome in every way, the burbs are affordable even if a little bland, and the nature and location are unbeatable

  17. Calgary is a city of disconnected suburbs and every major street is another highway.

  18. Clearly a Y/B fare on the left and a P fare on the right

  19. I have a venu 2 plus. I bought it for the features it had at launch, and knew going in that those would likely be all it would get.

  20. What is this assistant feature on Venu that Epix doesn't have?

  21. Venu 2 + has a button to activate your choice of assistant (google, alexa, siri, etc)

  22. JJ is part of the right wing nonsense machine and should be ignored.

  23. Haha it only gets worse. That’s honestly why I rarely drink anymore. I’m completely out of commission for a good day after a night from drinking.

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