1. thanks for the post and feedback, we'll update the website to better reflect what the product is.

  2. I think it would be good to give some examples of what you can connect to the dongles on the website like valve index controllers. And maybe a hint about possible import tax.

  3. the trackpad has "buttons" you can press on certain areas that will register as those inputs, you can also edit the bindings to your liking.

  4. can i use this to work in blender? vr or hand rig manipulation?

  5. yes, some coding might be required. we provide python and C++ SDK

  6. You have no grounds to claim I have no grounds to my claims, when all my claims remain verified by the time and you still have not delivered as of 7th of June 2021.

  7. How can you claim you "were" on track, when you are 219 days behind a total delivery as of today? You are nowhere closer than you were when the campaign has finished, no matter how many "baseless" claims about work behind the scenes you may have. There is no real date of delivery, not even an optimistic one, not even a "worst case scenario", is there any?

  8. It's great to see another update! I'm doubly happy to see you guys putting in a lot of labor love to get the details right. Makes me more confident we'll see a great product.

  9. Appreciate your support. We are at a point that I don't want to make further predictions with such an unpredictable supply chain. Rest assured that the team is committed to get this out into your hands as soon as possible.


  11. We now have a ecommerce store at

  12. Are we any closer to a release date? And to be sure, will they work with HTC Vive (1) base stations

  13. Yes, we are getting closer. The corona related delays we more than we bargained for. We are aiming to deliver to backers around May/June.

  14. Question for playing Beat Saber with the Etee controllers.

  15. You will need the SteamVR version for any VR game. The base model has only 3DOF functionality.

  16. Understandable that you can't ship to all countries. I suppose I could use a freight forwarder based in the US. Thanks for the quick reply! :)

  17. thanks, appreciate the understanding. personally I want to sell and ship to everyone...

  18. the etee looks cool, but I feel like it's polished and shiny in ways that make more "cool sci-fi thingamajig" sense then actual real practical sense. like they knew how they wanted it to look and said fuck it to some functionality in favor of aesthetics. like... no trigger? really?

  19. The controller started out as a demo for the touch sensing technology from the parent company TG0. It was supposed to be simple, elegant, accessible and showcase that you don't have to have traditional buttons and triggers to achieve full input capability.

  20. I'm happy to see other companies getting SteamVR trackers out there. My only question is the ergonomics on the trackers. I see that you have straps available for preorder but the image is blurred, I'd love to see some pictures of how y'all intend to strap on the trackers for body tracking!

  21. It looks interesting, but I can't see anywhere on the site that covers how the trackers are actually tracked. How is it doing room positioning?

  22. Fair play. Thanks for the feedback. We are still working on the site so this type of comments are very valuable.

  23. If oddities are your specialty then you will enjoy this! etee capabilities beyond VR are relatively unexplored. We need the community to build cool stuff with it.

  24. ah! is that a crazyflie drone i spy? i've been playing with one of those as well.

  25. very cool. looks like you know your stuff. :)

  26. if you are ever in the market for a new controller, the etee controllers don't have this issues. same finger sensing functionality. we use a different approach to sensing that is not prone to this problem.

  27. with all these new trackers coming out we've compiled a table comparing the various options.

  28. Seems like a pretty good option, actually. Would these support Linux, or is some software needed besides SteamVR?

  29. We are compatible with SteamVR, so I'm going to say maybe to Linux? :)

  30. Please, can we see the current strap design cencept ? And do this "etee body tracking straps" includes all 3 straps for £49.00 ? You will only sell more by showing your product !

  31. Hi, the straps are under active development that's why there's no full pictures. It's a pre-order with a very handsome discount on the whole package vs competing offerings. I mean 3 trackers and the straps.

  32. You will need SteamVR base stations, v1 or v2 for positional tracking. But otherwise same compatibility as with other trackers on the list - once you have the base stations set up, you plug the whole system into SteamVR and you should be good to go.

  33. I read in the kickstarter and I would like to know if this is already out and ready to buy?

  34. I did watch that video, but it doesn't seem to demonstrate the trigger binding.

  35. we are not emulating other controllers. we are using SteamVR input ourselves and the skeletal hand model.

  36. Ok, so if you go through SteamVR Input yourselves, you'd need Valve to add support for binding a Spiderman gesture, right? Or is there some way you can work around that?

  37. i dont know the exact details how the architecture of the system works. will need to check with the team.

  38. So I've now found one more company of interest by this thread than actually using the site!

  39. btw we are nominated for last gadget standing. please consider supporting us. vote is later today in about 2hours.

  40. cheers, do stop by. happy to answer any questions. :)

  41. This would fail immediately. Look at those joysticks, the touchpad, and the ring over the hand.

  42. i find the ring over the hand pretty ingenious. very little risk of banging the rings into something and each other.

  43. I can't imagine being a exhibitor. Is this your companies first year at CES? Any idea what to expect? Good luck!

  44. we've had previous presence via partners like a UK trade mission. we've been attendees. this year we have our own proper booth.

  45. Are you giving out swag? Where do I line up? /s LOL

  46. That's insanely cool! Very nice approach to the controller.

  47. So you can use your phone in VR, so you can use your phones keyboard to type in VR, and so you can use your phone with LIV as a moving camera. But it still is as versatile as the normal trackers to be used for anything you want, like sticking to an object in the real world you want to be visible in VR with occlusion zones.

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