1. A buddy of mine saw Kylo Ren take his shirt off in the shower and he said that Kylo Ren had an 8-pack

  2. And ticks! Sooo many ticks! And they don’t get Lyme disease. So yeah Leroy, Barton, and Peggy get a pass. They come and go. Unfortunately they usually only live 2-3 years and don’t do well in captivity.

  3. They don’t get rabies either. Basal body temp is too low to support the virus.

  4. I have 3 kids in college at 3 different schools, 2 of them in NC. None of them know the political leanings of a single one of their professors. This "liberal indoctrination" nonsense is an invented Fox News fever dream.

  5. Exactly. It’s more like students acquire critical thinking skills and realize the GOP has been grifting the common man for decades.

  6. Did you make several prawns (costly), or travel large distances with a single one (slow), or am I missing something?

  7. Once you learn how to slingshot with the grapple arm effectively the Prawn is just as fast as the Seamoth for straight shot long distance coverage. When I first built the Prawn I was pissed at how clunky it was, but after getting the grapple arm and upgraded jets it’s sweet.

  8. I for sure did too. Play around a bit in creative and/or watch some videos on how to do it, but once you get it down you can cover some truly massive distances quickly if you can avoid obstacles .

  9. AND not scary. If this had black plastic stock and foreend? Straight to jail

  10. I wish I didn’t know what this comment meant, but alas, I do.

  11. Oh look at Mr. Moneybags over here with bank accountS! Plural! Multiple!

  12. RotJ was pretty subpar too tbh. It wasn't all that well received at the time. Especially on the heels of Empire.

  13. RotJ had two main problems really: Ewoks, and coming after ESB. Empire was such a tough act to follow.

  14. Also I’m not seeing the ancient fan. Thankfully that’s also in the trove’s

  15. No sir, Jesus recommended carrying a 45, common bible translation confusion.

  16. Correct. Can’t believe there are people out there, in 2023, that haven’t even read the John Moses Browning translation.

  17. There are also some ridiculous discounts on some of their 3v offerings such as the recon scout for only $200.

  18. Not going to spoil anything, but this is technically the Grand Reef Base. Just an FYI.

  19. You get a nav marker for this base if you find the right PDA at another base, fyi, so you don’t need to drop your own.

  20. Very cool. Depending on the price point then yes, but as others have suggested it would benefit from some more polishing at any price point.

  21. Oh did you hear that honey? The shitter is full. Have you checked our shitters lately?

  22. Yeah, water purifiers, I had 2 of them and my bioreactor was struggling to keep up. Didn't know they require so much energy. Wanted to switch to nuclear but finished the game before that

  23. This is why I always get the water reclamation suit. I’m learning from various comments that I just don’t really do high drain stuff apparently.

  24. I was playing hardcore, so I made a reinforced suit. Still died in one hit from sea dragon leviathan lol. But I guess it makes sense to use the water reclamation suit on a normal difficulty.

  25. Yeah that makes sense on hardcore, although if you make the water suit and reinforced suit, then only put on the gloves from the reinforced suit, you’ll get enough heat protection to get by in the lava zone. I do this now because like you have also discovered the sea dragon can one-shot you regardless.


  27. Shall I spend £1000 pounds on phone which is only slightly better than my 3 Yr old phone which is in fully working order...

  28. Right? Replaced the battery in my 8 plus about 18 months ago and it’s still going strong. Starting to do weird things pretty regularly though. Have to restart way more often, etc. If the next one indeed does get usb-c I’ll probably upgrade.

  29. Sounds like when I first smoked pipe tobacco as a youngin. I'm not sure if I got visions, but I saw stars and then got the spins like crazy.

  30. Mm-hm, same when getting too big of a pinch of dip the first time. Whew

  31. How do you like the Lumi? I’ve been eyeing it pretty hard lately. Decent action? Not to small? Easy enough to close one handed? Those questions are what’s holding me back. Nice collection and wish list!

  32. I love it, it’s obviously not a work knife but it’s super concealable, extremely good for finesse work like removing splinters etc. It closes easy one handed and has a great snappy action but does take a little practice to flip consistently!

  33. Lansky makes a 2” by 8” soft Arkansas stone for around $20 on Amazon. Unless you let things get suuuuper dull or have super high end steels on your knives it’ll do for just about anything you’ve got.

  34. You may not have “heard of” it, but you’ve definitely seen it a lot more than you might think. Dobermans’ ears, for instance, do not naturally point straight up like you generally see them doing.

  35. Do they do it for cosmetic purposes? It looks bizarre. Dogs often have floppy ears so I get used to expecting to see them unless it's a breed known for not having em like dobermans

  36. I’m sure others are more qualified to answer you, but my limited understanding is that it’s to conform to certain organizations’ standards for the breed and ultimately cosmetic purposes.

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