1. Thanks so much. I've been trying for ages to troubleshoot getting Resolve to work. That fixed it.

  2. This doesn't exactly replicate it, but most folk will get what you're trying to say. It's a bit long, so

  3. Okay second one first! Just make an image the size of your video with a stripey pattern, load it as a media source in Fusion, place it over the top, and then fade it out with a keyframe.

  4. That sounds awful tbh, I find myself cruising a lot so if my car began braking when I let off the gas will be a big learning curve for me.

  5. Imagine there is a manual in the car with nice pictures. How people think they can operate all sorts of things without even looking at the manual is beyond me.

  6. If it's something you need to read a manual to know how to operate, should it even be in a car?

  7. Frankly any of the long-GOP formats like h264 and h265 are going to give you Sad Times as an editing format.

  8. Actual serious answer for you. My best friend works for Cal Forest Service. His job has to do with removal of non-native invasive species to preserve the native flora and fauna. This involves controlled burns in remote places. He is frequently scouting in very remote areas alone and has run across many an illegal grow op, meth lab, moonshine still, etc. His job is to mark the location and then GTFO as quickly as he can. For specifically grow ops, it could be Sunshine and Petal’s secret stash for all their other hippy friends. Or it’s the cartels which are armed to the teeth and willing to die for their cause. Once he has cell or radio reception, he calls these guys. Forest Service and Dept of Ag have para-military type divisions specifically for stuff like this. They are well funded and even better armed so 4 ARs, a single pistol and a bucket of mags can be on the lower end of armed. Think Special Forces but instead of driving humvees, they are driving tricked out, blacked out, Ram 1500s and confiscated Raptors. Some of the guys play soldier, but most of them used to be.

  9. It had an 2.5 sata 1 hdd (which died). I replaced it with an SD card, instead of an ssd

  10. Lol that’s pretty funny actually if it’s ironic. If the dude is serious then it’s definitely cringe. I paid $6500 for my L322 and that’s AFTER 4,700 worth of PARTS I put into it to get it roadworthy. And if it ever breaks down on my well at least I’ll be broken down……. In style 🤣

  11. I paid £250 for one of my P38s, and £500 for a set of tyres to get it roadworthy. Oh, and £5 at the car wash to get all the green gunk off from where it had been parked up for a year or two.

  12. Not sure if that sticker meant as ironic or joking, but I wouldn't put one on my vehicle.

  13. Exactly. I nearly bought a Jeep, it looked good and the four litre straight-six sounded nice. I kind of wasn't disappointed when someone beat me to it, because frankly what with the P38 and all the old Citroëns I didn't have space.

  14. I didn't really hear a transition, just an edit at about 9 seconds.


  16. Can confirm this works, but also just in case OP is unaware it's "DaVinci Resolve 18.1.2 Update", currently right at the top of the list, that they want.

  17. These are nice wee HDV cameras that shoot not too bad HD video in something consumer camcorder size, with the option of sticking a mike head onto the shoe (just behind the lens there) to take a couple of XLRs. They have a few stock faults, the most common (and seemingly most off-putting, because the ones with this are cheapest) being that the foldy-out touch screen dies.

  18. Yes, make the video. I have one of these with screen flipped open and it works. However, if I move the screen it goes black.

  19. Okay, that's the ribbon, it's not a horrible job if you're reasonably good with tiny fiddly screws!

  20. You'll need to pick a format that retains interlacing. I think ProRes will do that, and I'm pretty sure DNxHR doesn't.

  21. I stand corrected then, thanks for the info!

  22. See now because I haven't got enough half-done projects piled up, this has all got me wondering if I can run a set of BVE2000 ROMs in MAME, and fake some video decks with gstreamer, for that oldschool editing experience :-D

  23. Holy shit :) emulating old VTRs through MAME is 👌

  24. Well, it's an idea I've had kicking about for a while. It's (relatively) easy to pass commands to gstreamer and friends to display stuff on the screen and position playback of video files. What would happen, then, if I wrote some code to accept commands over serial from an "oldschool" edit controller to give you two "playback" machines, one "record" machine, and a simple switcher to go between them.

  25. Yes! Omg I just got a flashback of nice memories. I moved to Scotland as a kid and grew up in a village and I had never seen the van men til then. In our village we had:

  26. Because I drive an old disco and it’s quite capable of exploding bits of its own drivetrain without the assistance of a tow vehicle lol

  27. Hardly. It's never going to explode bits of its drivetrain, it'd need something for the torque to react against and there's no way what's left of your rear chassis will do that without exploding like a dropped plate of wholemeal toast.

  28. I was just going for slightly humorous in my original reply to OP, I know their defender will be just fine if the transfer case is in neutral and the CDL is unlocked. (do the defenders have those?)

  29. Oh those horrible things, "sealed for life" where "for life" means "until they explode in a shower of brick dust-coloured powder where the bearing needles used to be and beat shit out of the gearbox and cats"?

  30. Without reading the other post, I'm going to guess that people that don't understand how gearboxes work will think that towing the Defender like that will blow up the transfer case.

  31. They'd be right if it was being towed on a specs frame, or if the centre diff lock was in.

  32. Thanks! You seem to be pretty knowledgeable. Is there anything after all these years with adobe that I would be missing by moving over? Besides the familiarity/knowledge I have with adobe? Any features that people wish they had with DaVinci that adobe does have?

  33. It's probably worth going over the BMD training material on their website - even the Beginner's Guide stuff - even if you're already quite experienced, because the workflow is a bit different.

  34. Don't buy the first one you see, don't buy the cheapest one you see, don't buy one you haven't seen, don't buy one your mate who you bring along because he knows more about cars hasn't seen, and don't buy one that's been fucked about with.

  35. First thing to get out of the way is that .mov and .mp4 are just the container. The important bit is the codec! The container is just the box the pizza comes in, the codec is the pizza, and just because you like the logo on the box it doesn't mean you'll like the flavour of the pizza.

  36. Meh. The man's not going to last long. Let him get out the way, then close it all up.

  37. Okay gotcha, what format do you recommend I record with instead of HEVC. Can I change it on the Sont A7IV?

  38. I'm not sure what options you have but you could use Shutter Encoder to convert it to something like DNxHR, which will be much larger files but more reliable for editing with.

  39. HEVC (h.264) is a bit of a nightmare for editing. Can you try using something like Shutter Encoder to convert it to DNxHR and see how you get on?

  40. It's either a Wolf or (possibly) a Santana painted to look like a Wolf.

  41. This seems like a reason why videos like this exist...

  42. You've got people in the US who will shoot other people for not following their holy book.

  43. Replace it with a magnaflow cat of the same size. I’d recommend having an exhaust shop weld it in, instead of using band clamps.

  44. I don't know if the Disco is the same but having a split Y-pipe is an advantage on a P38 because you can pull the cats without dropping the gearbox crossmember.

  45. Having had one of the cats on my P38 split open (aftermarket "round can" type, cracked right around the weld) I know exactly how loud that is.

  46. Now write the rest of the Apple II emulator in Forth, and I'll get Cosmic Conquest running on it...

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