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  1. Looks about right. I hiked Washington two days after what was called "The Big Wind" - the day the summertime high wind-speed record was set. We were passed by one of the trail maintainers. She had a packboard full of replacement trail signs - most of the signs above the tree line had been torn away by the wind.

  2. North Korea is the ugly girl at the party who loudly espouses the merits of an all raw-food diet in a pathetic cry for attention.

  3. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder are having the most fun.

  4. And the American tradition of supporting highly dubious allies in the face of a looming communist threat continues.

  5. Funny that the guy asked for permission for the protest and stated that the protest included burning a Torah. That's like the joke about Germans hijacking a train - they'd buy tickets first.

  6. I'll believe it when I see it. That date has been pushed back more times than me canceling my gym membership.

  7. It doesn't mean she was born in 1921

  8. She was... tough. She went through a lot. And she did love all of us - she just was a bit too broken to express it.

  9. It won't work. The problem with drug cartels lies with the strong demand from drugs coming from the US. Selling drugs is very similar to printing money, you can obtain huge amounts of resources and power. If you kill a leader (which is something not as easy as it sounds) you can always find another. Criminal organizations can also pursue policies of decentralization to make themselves less vulnerable to the loss of a leader.

  10. This. Also, the profit margin on illegal drugs means someone will always be willing to take the risk of smuggling drugs into the US. It's been claimed [by who? /s] that the DEA could interdict 90% of all cocaine entering the US and the smugglers would still make a profit.

  11. Where I live the police estimate that only 5 to 10% of drug shipments are intercepted.

  12. Yup. Which is why the "War on Drugs" was doomed to fail.

  13. Dude is actually a DB developer. You can tell by the way he fights. PostgreSQL, maybe some MongoDB thrown in. Definitely open source.

  14. This made me laugh out loud. Literally. 😅

  15. I have a neighbor who is from India. I was telling him about how great snow days were when I was a kid. He told me that once a leopard got into his school and the school was shut down for a couple days.

  16. Another example of why the WSJ should stick to reporting on Wall Street.

  17. It is effective. Will a conscript be as good at his job as someone who volunteered and spent more time doing it? Usually not. But most of the time in high intensity war you just need more warm bodies. The only countries that haven’t had conscription since WW2 but have won high intensity wars are China and India, so unless you’re boasting those kinds of demographics conscription is a prerequisite to winning a conventional war against a near peer. The record doesn’t show that “conscription is ineffective”. When the Russians were outnumbered 150,000 to 300,000 in theatre, they suffered the Kharkiv setback. Now that the numbers in Ukraine are about even, they’re advancing again.

  18. This. There's a big difference between how mobilization should work and whatever the heck the Russians have implemented.

  19. The main problem with sending M1s to Ukraine is that they consume fuel at a crazy rate (they essentially have a jet engine as a power-pack), which is fine for the US Army with their immense logistics structure, but not so much for the Ukrainians. Leopard II uses traditional diesel fuel, which is much easier to manage.

  20. It's not that they consume fuel at a crazy rate, it's that the turbine consumes nearly as much fuel at idle as at full throttle. So if a tank spends 90% of its time at idle keeping the crew warm and watching from a fighting position, it still uses as much fuel as if it was manueveing the whole time.

  21. Here's a thought - the Marines just got rid of their M1A1s. They're not doing anything. Send them to Ukraine - they can sit over there and rust just as well as here. But sending them would call the Germans' bluff.

  22. This seems like an incredibly dumb idea as the Navy has a lousy record of procuring carrier-borne aircraft (especially now, given their history with Lockheed).

  23. While everyone else is checking out how ripped Houdini was, my reaction was “Hey, isn’t that the Cambridge side of the river?”

  24. The initial guitar riff from Bryan Adams' "

  25. Man, that's going to require a lot of tanker support and piddle packs.

  26. Missed opportunity. Should have carved four giant butts.

  27. Interesting. Any m2 Bradley depots in Pennsylvania?

  28. The BAE factory where they are made is a short drive away in York. This is the 4th one to come here since Christmas, so I don't think it is Bradleys.

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