1. I know all the responsible CC users will say this hurts us because it lowers CC fees, which pay our rewards. But I genuinely believe that, in an ironic turn of events, this will actually help us. For those that routinely pay CC late fees, going from $25 (the current cap) to $8 may actually convince those carrying balances that it's more 'okay' now since the fee is lower, thus actually leading to more interest revenue. Yes, I know, this completely illogical to the responsible CC users, but as we know, the irresponsible users don't think like us.

  2. I’m pretty sure CC companies get most of their revenue from transaction fees and interest on balances, I don’t think it will change all that much at all.

  3. Lol, they are going to absolutely bleed customers over this.

  4. Yeah, basically the only reason is was still keeping my subscription is that I’ve got my family members and some friends using my account. I don’t use it enough on my own to justify it. If this goes through, I’m finally pulling the plug.

  5. I spam my voiceline like 10 times and if they dont reply I just give em the ol’ head, eyes. Maybe they’ll figure it out…

  6. I just spam voice lines and take the L and get killed if they end up being hostile unless I’ve got something REALLY juicy on me or I can immediately and clearly tell it’s a PMC.

  7. Yeah honestly it’s not bad at all at this point, I actually really like the new UI, for the most part. People just don’t like change and will grumble about it for a while.

  8. Alternatively, they’re fucking shit up by making Americans continue to believe they need pickup trucks to pick up groceries instead of pushing people toward smaller, more efficient vehicles that use fewer cells thus allowing for more EVs to be built.

  9. People want larger cars and trucks, they’re not being brainwashed by companies to believe they do but secretly want smaller cars. Ford and other automakers are literally just making what a bulk of people want.

  10. I mean if you’re going to include Gunfight in this, a very different game mode, you should include DMZ, which is a 4th game mode in MW2 that provides a good chunk of content that MW1 didn’t, and consider that Warzone 2 launched at the same time while Warzone 1 did not. It’s already not apples to apples.

  11. You’re almost definitely right. Cavill and Affleck are the most associated with the divisive Snyder movies and style, whereas the other actors had their own movies and distinct styles that did either well or were at worst mid. Affleck made it easy for them because he wanted out, and without him, it’s easy to dismiss Cavill as well and just do a reset on the two most important characters

  12. Beta and play testing don’t mean anything when a game has been out this long and for sale, it’s just a crutch to release an unfinished/buggy product early.

  13. I’ll play it and I’ll complain about it and criticize it, as is everyone’s right for something they paid for.

  14. "one person said a mean thing about me I'm being persecuted" is the lament of the rich.

  15. Nobody likes seeing people insult them even if they have millions of viewers. With those kinds of numbers, you can still see thousands of people shutting on you even if 99% of engagement is positive, not great for mental health unless you’re able to completely brush it off and tone it out

  16. Nothing like good old “economic adjustment fees” it’s totally not all going into shareholder and executive pockets or anything like that /s.

  17. Any company leadership that isn’t constantly looking to improve profits is going to be fired and replaced in a heartbeat. Hell a board has a legal responsibility to look after their shareholders’ best interests.

  18. On one hand, these would all be very sensible and good changes.

  19. Delivery is expensive and you’ve got to pay for the convenience somehow, I just find it annoying how it’s spread out.

  20. They've been coasting on pasta & pizza for far too long

  21. Probably Catholicism and the Roman history too

  22. i agree. it’s an interesting as hell phenomenon. every normie I know from work or whatever has seen it and everyone was like “yeah it was pretty good, visually beautiful” and that’s it.

  23. Yellowstone is another big example where it basically doesn’t get talked about in online Tv discussions at all and young people barely watch it, but the last season premier got like 16 million viewers and every boomer you know loves it. Both examples of media and cultural bubbles in action

  24. Would be a nice change, I like to use the top of my stash as my temporary dumping ground for items before proper sorting as well. Although, once I get a few containers and get my inventory how I like it, I basically never autosort again.

  25. Still applies. I don’t know many people with that kind of income, but the few I do are generally pretty value oriented and don’t just spend it stupidly on the most expensive things either, more of buying a lot of good things and experiences - buy recently used cars and drive em 6+ years, don’t spend crazy money on designer clothing, high tier electronics, etc.

  26. I meant that people spend their money on more good products and experiences rather than throwing more money at the best products and experiences because it is the best. They may take another vacation or two, or eat out a few nights a week, but they’re not flying first class and eating at 5 star restaurants when they do even if they could afford it. They might buy a 4080 or 4090, but they’re not likely to then buy a 4090 Ti a few months later just because they have the money for it, there’s not a lot of value added.

  27. Isn’t Europe easier to convert to people centric because the population density?

  28. Basically Yes. Much of Europe developed before cars, and while there was significant redevelopment after WWII, the basic layout of many cities didn’t change that much.

  29. Uhh, you know US cities were largely walkable pre-1940 ish right?

  30. The population of those cities was far less in those days, people barely ever moved or worked outside of like a 30 mile radius of where they grew up, and if you didn’t live in a major city that “walkability” was a necessity of walking long distances along poorly developed roads that any old person will tell you was a horrible time, and many more people lived in poverty without mobility than they do now.

  31. I agree, the Walking Dead at its peak truly was fantastic. I think it’s just the nature of the internet that you must portray every take and every comparison in polarized extreme terms; everything must be the greatest thing ever made or it’s basically trash

  32. The navel gazing stuff was good in the first few seasons of TWD, but it definitely got old everytime it was done by a random side character shortly before they died tragically for cheap shock value.

  33. I've been eyeing this monitor the past week, saw this, but worried about quality, dead pixels, etc. Can anyone comment?

  34. FWIW, I have had two of these for 3 years now, working remotely and gaming (10+ hours screen on a day), one bought refurbished, no problems with either so far.

  35. Well for the past like year we’ve had no new content AND no optimization, so I’ll at least take the new content even if it runs like shit over that stale alternative.

  36. What do people who want to abolish and hang all landlords expect people to do when they have to move around a lot every couple years, or can’t afford a down payment? Just magically make every house cheap and easy to buy/sell?

  37. In the narrow sense of community, yes. In the broad sense, no, but if you see my college as a community, it's still all in the same place, has a predefined purpose, and has official leaders. If you want to find a representative of the college community, you can find an official one. It's nothing like the category of LGBT people which spans the globe and doesn't have members by choice. The idea of a representative of an identity group is really harmful and I think it partially comes from this idea of "community"

  38. Maybe one interpretation of “community” is a group of people with common interests, but not necessarily identical views/wants/needs. Because generally I don’t think there are many communities or groups where everyone is very much aligned on everything unless it’s very narrowly focused

  39. Yeah, I think someone else pointed out that the guy was still looking for legal representation for a lawsuit - to me that makes it seems like the rest of the footage makes it clear this dude was driving absolutely recklessly up until this point, so no lawyer is going to touch this case with a 10 foot pole.

  40. The only DLSS update that would matter and actually get people to use it is if they fix the zoom scope issues.

  41. Wish they would fix that, but I’ve switched to using FSR 2.1 as a result, quality and performance is basically the same and it doesn’t have the scope issue.

  42. It does. Atleast in 4k. I've done extensive testing with all options offered by DLSS and FSR. I have heard it's not at noticable in 1440 but it's a dealbreaker in 4k. Such a shame because with DLSS set to "Quality" I can get 140 fps in 4k.

  43. Yeah I run 1440p, not noticeable there compared to how bad it is on DLSS, such a weird bug

  44. Wait to see the true performance information, but if it’s a comparable jump to the 5800X3D, it will likely be worth it.

  45. https://twitter.com/opinonhaver/status/1618299290153291776?s=46&t=G8u2FPdLBO0RcozfcFSOwQ

  46. Schumer and Sanders had to use some kind of devil magic to get a dozen Republicans to agree to the $600 per week unemployment benefit on top of the state allocation, I’m still in disbelief they actually got that done.

  47. Reminds me of this bit about a Dog with Human Hands vs Cat with Human Face

  48. Walmart truly does pay better than a lot of other options in a lot of rural regions for those without a degree or experience in the trades.

  49. It is peak absurdity for the doomsday clock to be closer to midnight now, in 2023 than during the Cuban missile crisis

  50. The only rationale I can think of would be taking the idea of not only direct war between the US and Russia seriously, but also thinking it would escalate into nuclear war. And that’s just nonsense at this point, if Russia hasn’t declared war on the west after everything we’ve done to help Ukraine so far, they just aren’t going to.

  51. https://twitter.com/RickandMorty/status/1618009508420386817

  52. Rick and Morty’s voices are super easy to imitate, can just do “Oh fuck Morty we had to jump dimensions again and now everyone sounds a little different.”

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