Goldman Sachs is being investigated for the SVB Bank collapse. They're executing 2008 again, I'll show you.

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  1. The lesser of 50% of the lifetime gift tax exception (b/w $5m-6m atm) and 10% of the net received after taxes. If he was bad with money or had kids there would be trusts involved (I’d have my own trusts as well to protect bulk of net proceeds). That tax tho will eat more than you think of the original amount won.

  2. Just sayin: Stalking Horse Deadline for bids on towel stock was extended to EOB (5:00pm) today, june 8, 2023. Probably nothing.

  3. PLAYR ToS Link. Recent update, seems to be modified ToS for NFT Marketplace for application to PLAYR extension. Pure information/data.

  4. This guy would get shot in the USA. Not saying it with pride but he probably would.

  5. This guy is breaking into houses for views, multiple times, and each time is rolling the dice not only with the homeowner but with the police response. No one is saying every time he did it he would be shot, but if you roll the dice enough you eventually lose.

  6. Got a ‘93 gsxr750 sitting with the same plan, the beast needs to run! Also saw about the same speed on it once, over 100 a lot, but things get crazy at those high speeds.

  7. Fresh or salt water? I keep a scrub daddy in the boat to de-gunk while we’re anchored at the sand bar (fresh water). I know that’s not what you’re looking for, just somewhat related.

  8. These guys spin more than your local radio station’s DJ

  9. If you donate your body to science, you too could end up in a dog cage shriveling like a raisin.

  10. You only get 1 free respec per difficulty level (3 total through hell) and farming materials for respeccing otherwise takes a lot of grinding. Lesson: research your build options before spending skill points recklessly

  11. I'll say the same thing here that I did on the other post of this article:

  12. "There are no shares of GameStop (NYSE:GME) stock left to short, according to Fintel".

  13. Hit article with an attractive title. He addresses the obvious to seem reasonable and catch attention, then he redirects back to conclusions he states in a previous article of his bashing the company, which is based on paraphrasing a WSJ article that is also incorrectly making conclusions about the company plans.

  14. “Hey now, I thought we agreed to only rob the poors…”

  15. This is good, they are turning inward. The big fish are preying on the seemingly weak or smaller fish.

  16. As far as I can tell, the only authority that can actually deal with this kind of fraud is.... the post office. The SEC is just a cost of doing business.

  17. That “let’s make a deal part…” sounds an awful lot like bargaining to me

  18. They’ve gone beyond ridiculing, cajoling and begging. They’re now willing to sacrifice to get our shares. Good luck. No one’s selling.

  19. Their tears are delicious, ima bottle that shit after Moass

  20. Haven’t done it, but I’ve heard a frayed rope works

  21. As the post says, I have an arborvitae that is browning in an odd pattern, fairly quickly as spring has started, and it's the only one in a long line of these trees. They were planted almost 2 years ago now and have done well since except for just recently.

  22. May wanna check your calendar champ!

  23. Dont believe em unless youre payin em

  24. I like that term, Brick & Click. Is that yours or is it already in use?

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