1. Send me a message. There are jrods in it.

  2. Other MLB teams coming later tonight. Will get to Autos/#'s/Relics tomorrow

  3. Let me think on it a minute. Prefer to sell as I'm pretty positive I'm taking a step back from cards for now. Just have to stop opening new stuff haha

  4. I thought about saying something but I know a couple quiet people on here that PC him way more then I do

  5. The men's rumble was chefs kiss definitely top 5 ever.

  6. That's the one thing I have no idea about myself. One minute he was there and then never seen again .

  7. It's not numbered. So I'm guessing not much at all. Message me

  8. But it's my day to sleep in. I get one a week. I didn't even wake up for the 5 case Finest Player break that I now know is DEFINITELY not gonna get me that Super.

  9. Well hopefully you get this one on a fair deal.

  10. I will do everything in my power.

  11. Keep me posted, I'll do what I can to help facilitate a trade

  12. I just dropped off your last package from me haha. Reach out in a couple hours and I might take it. It's on eBay too with 5 watchers.

  13. That's just Topps chrome update. I hate to add up what I've spent opening optic.

  14. Nice card but u gotta stop buying this stuff man. This is a boring set after a couple boxes and not enough hits. Congratulations on the Color match this is the card I would want

  15. I bought 6 megas presell and everything else I have traded for at my LCS. They definitely are not worth the price tho.

  16. I will take all at a lot discount if interested in selling all.

  17. Hmu. 3 of them sold but I have a bunch more that I didn't list. Always willing to do lot deals

  18. I don’t think I’ve gotten any Trea Turner recently; you looking for any prospects in particular?

  19. Don't really collect anything anymore. I'll sell for $3 or trade for a JRod rookie

  20. Walmart. I have a Walmart about a hour from me in the middle of nowhere that usually always has the new cards.

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