1. Yes. Its not the craziest thing when you think about the farmer in realistic terms. Dudes basically bruce wayne, superman, and captain planet all in one who singlehandly props up the town's economy.

  2. Jeez the scrapes on that gpu end, sometimes, it's better to plan ahead and get stuff that fit comfortably.

  3. Fastest way? Probably unlocking skull caverns and getting a boatload of iridium ore.

  4. Used in quite a few end-game stuff. Main use you'll probably use it for is iridium sprinklers until you unlock a certain somebody you can just buy them from.

  5. Just use your phone to record and playback. Honestly, I was surprised how hard this was when I first did it as well.

  6. I just started this mod and did grandpa's farm, I was surprised how much farm land you actually get. Alot of options to decorate/customize

  7. In the beginning, not go to the mines and do literally anything else. Late-game, I don't give an F and just go to skull caverns or danger mines lol.

  8. Just tell them you need to speak with your spouse/family and will give an answer in the coming days or whatever.

  9. No, that's too hot even if its still within spec.

  10. I would like to spend less than $300 if it gets me anywhere.

  11. Can get a 6600XT for $299 off Amazon or try to get a used 3060 ti for $300ish off

  12. Based off your other comment of it being a Intel 7th gen, any money spent should be towards a new platform upgrade as the motherboard itself is not going to improve his performance much alone.

  13. - I keep hearing about zodiac compatibility. What is that exactly?

  14. Zodiac compatibility is how likely you are to successfully do things. Things such as damage, skill counters/triggers, how likely you can get treasure on maps, etc. What I mean that only only matters a bit in fan-made versions is if you have to fight a strong boss and your sign is bad against theirs, you probably are not going to beat them unless you're way overpowered/leveled.

  15. Nice, I'm sure quite a few people are looking forward to it

  16. Skull cavern runs unless i'm so filthy rich that I stop caring. Otherwise, if you don't have a luck ring for some reason, you could go to ginger island to pan at the dig site to get one.

  17. The first time and playthrough, just have fun and explore everything tbh.

  18. It's easier to send a BLS squad than ALS is my opinion. The ALS squad can intercept en-route to the distination. I'm sure every region/area is different though, I'd assume FDs always have a few medics on that days shift though so this is from a POV of a private company handling 911 calls.

  19. Coil whine doesnt go away, you could watercool the card and still have coil whine.

  20. You still have fans in a water-cooled solution.

  21. yes... i was using 450w psu at first but then i found 700w one for decent price... now i am back on 450w psu

  22. Well it certainly seems like its an issue with the PSU and not a faulty outletbor something if your old PSU worked fine.

  23. Theres not much you can really do hardware wise. At most, ppl swap stock fans on psus but dont do much else.

  24. Nice, I would just connect them to the fan-header on the cooler itself?

  25. Standard fans are 25mm, T30s are 30mm so theyre a bit thicker. The only problem is if it fits in your build, this is usually not a problem outside of itx builds.

  26. The LF only has one cable that controls both the fans and the pump. Should i just connect the one from the cooler-head to the pump header, and the fans to the cpu_fan ?

  27. Connect the pump cable to the header on your mobo labeled as AIO/Pump.

  28. Every card has a standard warranty, the only thing that would probably prevent you from being entitled to that warranty is if said warranty is only available for the original buyer and it doesn't transfer. In the US, Founder cards and Zotac cards for example have a non-transferable warranty.

  29. A 2080 Ti is noticeably stronger than a 3060 so yes, you should if it's an basically a free upgrade. 650W PSU is fine for a 2080 Ti.

  30. Nice. Some things I like to do as well is mix and match some of the stone walkways. I do the same with my trees and put lightning rods between each vertically so its out of view but functional.

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