1. No love for Children of Bodom? Hatebreeder through Follow the Reaper & Hate Crew Death Roll are some of the best melodeath I’ve ever heard

  2. If your records are getting scratched they’re probably itchy so it’s ok to just let it happen

  3. Wife out for dinner with Brad ✅ metallica vinly turned to 11 ✅😈

  4. My wife’s friend from work Brad keeps asking me to call him dad every time I see him

  5. Am I completely in the wrong for saying that there's something strangely aesthetic about this picture?

  6. Was the body preserved, or just the wool? There is no hint of any organs or anything below the exposed bones. It's really cool either way! I'm just wondering if the lanolin on the wool makes it less palatable to microorganisms or something.

  7. It was frozen so I’d imagine the lower parts inaccessible to birds are still there

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