1. Shouldn't be. Probably just a coincidence. Even identical twins have different fingerprints.

  2. Why would it be hacked? There was a Greninja event recently and people have been breeding them and lucky trading the ones they don't want.

  3. Usually it's the behavior causing problems for others that's disliked.

  4. It was originally supposed to be a Poison Type. All the original Pokedex entries were written with that in mind. When they changed the type at the last second they forgot to fix the Pokedex.

  5. Wait really? I’ve never heard this one before

  6. Yeah. The Gold Version Beta leaked a few years ago. It evolved with a Poison Stone.

  7. They don't like releasing their main games off of the consoles.

  8. They'll put them on the switch with a $60 price tag

  9. Probably going to stick with 10 each like on the 3DS. Either that or as part of the subscription.

  10. Mostly they just don't feel like either of the two regular ones fits them. What they end up picking instead is up to the individual.

  11. Lots of people can lie convincingly. In their case it's just constant practice.

  12. Doesn't matter if they're good or not. What matters is if they make money.

  13. Sterotypical : Characters fuck every 3 paragraphs. Have sappy declaration of love every other paragraphs. Angst over their love every paragraphs.

  14. I've definitely read several of each of those in the past week.

  15. To me fanfic-y means they write assuming you already know enough about the main characters you don't need any introductions, and there's no clear "beginning, middle, end" it just goes on a chapter at a time until it stops.

  16. Not very. It seems like they make sufficient money on that line.

  17. Shit man. I need it for my collection! I usually use my modded gba for everything but this can also emulate nes and SNES?

  18. It's got adaptors to play other older carts too. Like Atari or whatever.

  19. Need some good ol' cowboy and sturdy rope, one badass helicopter, and that balloon will be brought down to base safe and sound in a jiffy. :)

  20. It was the size of three busses and flying way higher than any helicopter can go.

  21. Your immune system is typically slightly better after healing from a virus/bacterial infection. Because the amount of lymphocytes is increased. What you are experiencing might be prolonged symptoms or a result of something else.

  22. Because COVID really can wreck your immune system long term. And that's what they're asking about.

  23. I actually liked the crazy version, but didn't really like the episodes revolving around him as much.

  24. No. They were too bulky to store. They frequently got taped over and thrown out.

  25. There's always people working on it. From the day the first few leaked before launch and continuing on for the next few decades.

  26. Ok that good but do you have any website or social media that let me know the news of it ?

  27. Most Word/Docs/Ect. programs will have a free template for that. Just pick one you're used to using and find it in the settings.

  28. Don't know for sure what it's doing. It's actually really, really big, and really really high up. If we shot it down it could literally kill people.

  29. How do you deal with NPC's when you are tending to another quest/mission? Do you keep walking like these guys or do you actually stop and help everyone along the way?

  30. If it's a short one and I'm already there doing it right now is usually faster total than backtracking a lot.

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