1. It's not an ND thing, it's a human brain thing. We're more likely to notice and hold onto negative memories than positive ones.

  2. Honestly this server is just a whole headache... I'm glad I left

  3. Organic marketing is gold here, dude. I've gotten plenty of content marketing clients (but I'm not trying to self-promo).

  4. Freelancing was my escape from an abusive situation. It took me a long ass time, so I'd definitely recommend more short-term solutions for getting the fuck out of that abusive situation, but it's also the best thing I ever decided to work through.

  5. How is it MORE work? Since OP is paid hourly, surely it's just a shift in the kind of work they are doing.

  6. If everybody were fit to manage people, then it wouldn't be a higher-paid position. It is absolutely more work within the same amount of time, because mistakes affect many more people and parts of the company than a single writer.

  7. It'll be in the make-up, love. You could wear just that, no accessories, but extra makeup and steal the show lol

  8. Dont forget to bring the foundation/concealer down your neck at least to your collarbone :) Post final looks if you remember!!

  9. Morally conflicted why? You can be nonbinary and out-of-touch with reality lol.

  10. You should block this person and stop talking to them. You'll be much happier. Let them think you're toxic. Whatever.

  11. You are obviously playing it up in the butch fit (in a cute way, I have to say!), but you're so clearly femme because of how naturally happy you look in that pic!

  12. Cheers for writing this all out! Curious to see how things will change for us freelancers that want to stay "just" writers. Is there no hope for my future?!?! /j


  14. I'm bigender, which is under the Non-Binary Umbrella. My Experiences matter.

  15. Ngl I knew OPs advice a long time ago as people like me tend to essentially parent our parents.

  16. Healing isn't linear and you don't "go back" even if you regress a bit. Once you learn something about yourself that knowledge doesn't just go away (even if your brain will try to trick you that you're just an overreacting idiot).

  17. The Body Keeps The Score. Just because you can't consciously bring it up doesn't mean you've forgotten it.

  18. This is how I figured out I was nonbinary FYI. It's a lot harder to articulate "I want be seen as a feminine boy" when you're rejecting everything remotely feminine because you don't want to be seen as a girl.

  19. This sign is not inclusive. Signs like this are just weird asf.....

  20. This sign has a pregnant person on it. It's not just about gender identity. It's inclusive in ways you aren't considered, which is to say it's not about you.

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