1. Hello! I wanted to give some feedback as I recently also went through this! Keep trying the video Recognition, I did it probably 60 times and finally it worked! Make sure you’re well lit face in full frame. I did mine in my bathroom moved my face slowly and didn’t wear my glasses or anything. Like I said keep trying it will eventually work! I was out for a week but it worked finally. Persistence is key do not give up.

  2. The option for facial recognition isn’t appearing. It asks me if i have pics of myself and I hit yes and it asks for a password i’ve used in the last year. After that it says my password is wrong or compromised. Can’t do anything after that. It’s so frustrating!!!

  3. Peggy's roommate, at the time, I believe. I think she was also implied to be included in the "impress people that drive me crazy" category.

  4. Jimmy/Steve on "Shameless"? He definitely gets mopey and I seem to remember Fiona or someone else yelling at him about it.

  5. Hi I’m a beginner please help me out! [2055-1177-9425 Brittany The Swamp]

  6. Hey I’m a beginner too and i would really appreciate your help! please dm me your code!!!

  7. yeah i can never realize i’m hypomanic until it’s over. sometimes it just feels SO good and i forget all the symptoms because it’s a relief to not be depressed anymore

  8. Happened to me too last week. It wasnt the lamictal rash, just an allergy to the meds. My doctor won't let me go back on it and switched me to abilify .

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