1. Believe it or not my key light is a apature 60d and it is the only light I have. Other than my hair light and pocket light that is making the blue in the background. It may not be bright enough to bounce but I may try it off the celing and see how it looks.

  2. No that's not what I meant. Maybe this video will explain how to make a book light by shooting your light into a bounce board better. Although your 60d might not be bright enough. In the video he is using a 300d

  3. But u dont have to use a book light. You could maybe just shoot your 60d theough diffusion. The idea is just to give your subject less of a defined line between the key side and fill side of their face. It makes it feel a little more like the light is natural and ambient. When u watch shows on hbo start paying attention to 3 thinga about their how their face is lit. How bright is the keyside, how dark is the fill side, and do they have a backlight. And then see how harsh or how natural those lights are working together. That wilo train your eye to know what to look for when lighting your subject

  4. this is a stretch and an assumption. we have no reason to doubt what she said and given what transpired. Cassian had just left. She was fired up about being a rebel. and as she said, she wanted to check the tunnels under the hotel. which could be part of why cassian knew about them. But We don't know that she knew cassian was coming back that soon. At the time she told him to go live. his life and find peace. She didn't know she was going to die that quickly without her meds. assuming that she pre planned the events of the finale means we have to make a lot of jumps and leaps of faith. In particular that she knew cassian would come home and the empire would have super tight security around her funeral to the point where he would have to sneak around in tunnels rather than walk around in the open at night like he did the first time he came back. Sorry. Good thinking, but the idea doesn't survive scrutiny. keep em coming tho. talking ideas out is good for everyone.

  5. To add to this, when she opened up the tunnel, Bix wasn’t captured yet, so there was no reason to think Cassian would need to get into the hotel. She also didn’t know that he was involved with the rebellion’s heist. She thought he’d gotten some money just by being a common thief.

  6. But to be fair to the OP, when i first read the theory i was like "oh shit... did she?"... and i had to think about it. So my initial reaction was that it was a clever observation. The theory just didnt hild uo to scrutiny

  7. Good points. I think it was just a clever bit of writing to have a character mention tunnels that we would see half a season of episodes later, but assuming it was part of marva's plan is connecting more dots than they intended

  8. I dont think it's done in premiere, i think it's done in after effects because the keyframes have "ease" on them which is why the transition looks smooth. But if you don't know after effects, I think you can just keyframe the position on your layers and ad curves to the in and out points so that they eas in and out of position.

  9. thank you for putting this together! I am making some Chandrilan-inspired looks for when my partner and I go to Galaxy's Edge and the visual references all in one place are super helpful. I loved the costumes on Andor so much!

  10. Np, ya the rules and conventions of the design is a lot more apparent when you see them all together

  11. 5. always wear a hoodie and/or cape when doing spy stuff. (the real reason the show is called "andor")

  12. 4. never charge your countermeasures without masking your heat signature with a fake engine malfunction

  13. year exactly. What you are watching is the Luthen series. There can't be a spinoff that's any more about luthen then what we are watching. because he central to the thematic explorations. He's maybe going to end up being more the moral symmetrical balance to the choices andor will make. but he isnt like a side character. he is the story. and any show about him prior, is like a show about a guy shipping parts and recruiting potential radicals. like it's mostly on paper. the action is not the compelling part of the story. But sure, maybe there are some back stories where he fights some imperials under the radar. before the announcement that was aldhani. maybe he has an arc that takes him from being a culturalist jaded by the empires elimination of cultures and his negative arc into death is a tragic story. But I still think, we're watching the good part. We will explore who he is more in season 2. We're watching the Luthen spinoff right now. everything you want to know about him is what we will see in season 2. It's like, we dont need to see the Luke spinoff before he meets obiwan, cuz thats just a show about a teenager living on an evaporator farm. THe story starts at the good part. where the inciting incident causes him to start the hero's journey.

  14. I don't think Star Wars is supposed to be age specific. Same with Batman and Even Marvel properties. Kids can love batman and watch the animated series while adults can watch the Joker and decide not to let their kids see it. Like there's lego versions of characters. And sure Star Wars is supposed to be for all ages, and can have more adult content with the same characters. When I was a kid, I actually got more out of movies like the terminator than I did out of things made for kids. Not all kids are going to like Andor and understand it's themes. And i dont think the corpos being killed by Cassian is a theme. that's more like a plot point or specifically the inciting incident. Anyway, the themes of andor arent inappropriate for kids. Maybe more mature. But learning that evil is sometimes normal people being ambitious and sometimes people go too far to get what they want, but I wouldnt say that is inappropriate for kids. There is death in a lot of popular movies. Die hard is considered a christmas movie. People die in Marvel movies. I dont think death itself is inappropriate for kids its more the portrayal of death that matters. Like death should have consequences. But then again I guess it depends on the parents and the age of the kids. I had friends who's parents didn't let them watch anything.

  15. ya, its great right? so many subtle things they say that give you a window into their process. I like that they started with wanting coruscant to feel cold and hard and thats why its a lot of molded cement surfaces.

  16. They're also shaped in the same polygon style they used to symbolize prisons. Like the Architecture of Mon Mothma's senate home they use to make her look alone, the cubicle that Syril works in, and of course the Prison on Narkina 5.

  17. It's so vindicating for Andor to get the proper recognition it deserves! especially after all the haters like SWT and friends who said it was boring. The accolades make it feel like it's only a matter of time before word gets around and people sit through the episodes till ep 6 and realize that this is the best thing Star Wars has done in years. And just an overall top tier television show. Plus it's like accessible to non Star Wars people. Unlike some of the other SW shows. It could potentially create a lot of new fans. Adult ones with an IQ over 80 that is. Dump people and children will still probably think it's boring lol. FIGHT THE EMPIRE!!! ONE WAY OUT!!!

  18. I may have cracked it. Helped by the above articles that they filmed at Coryton refinery in East London/Essex, and being a local lad, I knew that Coryton has a number of Jettys into the River Thames. I may have found the exact jetty in fact. Check the shadows, it looks like the angled lights on the left of OP's screenshot.

  19. Aye! That's a great bit of detective work! There are some green screen photos showing what looks like the ship that Cassian flies to Morlana. Which made me think they just used Coryton for the ship yard, and possibly the scrap yard that Brasso worked at and tied up the ship. But didn't know that they could have used it for Morlana as well. My guess is they could have used it for a lot of locations in episode 1-3. Other than the walkway cassian walks down and the scrap yard and the ship yard, they might have an industrial corridor that is where cassian Kills the 2 corporate cops. Not sure if they could have built the entrance to the bar or the stairs he walks down as well. But It could have been parts of Morlana and Ferrix that aren't part of the town they built.

  20. It’s so sad we won’t get any more of Mosk next season 🥹

  21. Someone please explain why several people I know said that they stopped watching because it was so bad or boring. Because to me, those scenes are so fascinating. The dialogue is clever and intriguing. The conversation between syril and his boss has a lot to process. The costume design and set design had me thinking the whole time. And I knew that it was going to be really good. But why is the experience so different for other people.

  22. Some people really have a hard time with dense, chewy dialogue that has a lot of subtext. A genuinely well-written talky scene where every line is doing 8 different things just flies over a lot of people's heads.

  23. yeah i guess that's true. Word will spread. There's also the issue of people's expectations after seeing book of boba fett and obiwan.

  24. Yea... The whole redesign is just bad, forcing people to waste much more time on scrolling and clicking on various sections before finding some site worthy of visiting. Kind of sad and amusing that Google actually wastes lots of money on paying all of their incompetent employees to do such horribly lazy, inefficient redesigns.

  25. I have been clicking settings/send feedback and write them an elabporate message asking for the old layout back every day. i figure the only way they will change it is if they receive enough feedback. so i write feedback every single day. every time i try to use it.

  26. I refuse to give him any of my time. I Question his taste. He doesn't appreciate Andor. . his overly strong opinions make me angry. He is like the Alex Jones of Star Wars Fandom and he doesn't deserve my attention or time. He is a shock jockey and the stronger and more controvercial his opinions are the better it is for the algorithms that feed him. But the things he says are bad for Star Wars as a whole, bad for the fandom. and he influences a lot of people with his platform in a negative way. and I'm over it. It makes me angry and it's really hard for me not to run over there and argue with his crazy opinions, but I think that's the point. So I refuse.

  27. Chandrilla's cultural dress seems very reminiscent of Japanese kimono, to me. Especially Mothma's husband's and daughter's costume.

  28. thats because George Lucas modeled the original clothing off Samurai.

  29. yeah, I agree. I spent some time in some other subs and people were so aggressive with their opinions.

  30. the colors and styles of Ferrix dress are also reminiscent of rebel uniforms in the original trilogy. it definitely seemed like the rebel alliance might trace their roots to Ferrix,

  31. yeah that's true, the overall color palette of the show could draw inspiration from the colors of the rebel alliance. As if all the planets are rebels already without knowing it yet.

  32. he's not talking about luthen specifically not knowing about jedi, he's speaking on the galaxy at large. So most people would not automatically think his walking stick is a lightsaber and presume he's a jedi. Luthen would appear pretty stupid if that was the case and he's just walking around undercover with an obvious jedi weapon in imperial territory.

  33. I didn't take his answer to mean that Luthen is a Jedi at all. He doesn't say anything definitively either way but he didn't put a lot of thought into choosing the weapon. and he later says he didn't leave any clues about jedi, at least that he's aware of. So how would Luthen be a jedi if Tony didn't purposely choose a lightsaber for him, or purposely put clues about him being a jedi?

  34. I recall him saying something came up at a dinner conversation or something, and him being like, 'I'm going to use that for interviews'🤣 And he did use it for a lot.

  35. somebody posted a stellan interview. and I've seen Luke hall and susan white written interviews. But I haven't heard any audio or seen any video ones. I'll maybe look a lil more seriously this week and post them if anything turns up

  36. In an Interview, I think Tony Gilroy said that he hopes that Andor opens the world up. and the lesson isn't that everything should be like this but that its okay to try new things. And I think the broader the definition of what star wars can be is good. Or else everything ends up being like force awakens in a way because they're trying to just remake what was successful. And that is not the best creative process. you can listen to the full intervew here:

  37. Even if we never see him again, the door is at least left open for us to believe he made it out one way or another.

  38. I feel like Luthen is going to represent what not to become. He will probably go too far in some ways. A contrast to Cassian, who will choose to do better. He may have to get caught. Like everything catches up with him. not even the guy who started this all is safe kinda thing. And he will have to give his life for the cause or take himself out to protect everyone else. but he will find peace in death knowing that what he did in life will bring an end to the empire and freedom back to the galaxy. his death has to top marva or kino in some way in season 2. has to be something that pushes cassian and the others forward towards a change that helps them be who they need to.

  39. It's mostly because a good portion of the SW fan base isn't necessarily into good cinema.

  40. yeah okay, this makes sense. I watched the OT, so I think of Empire when i think of Star Wars. But I forget that for a lot of people, Star Wars is Prequels and Clone Wars and Dave Filoni stuff. Which is cool. But, for me kind of like you said, all Plot no substance. I like and consume all that content. But I get more out of the Mandalorian and Rogue One. Book of Boba fett was like a power rangers kid show. Mandalorian is A Samurai Spaghetti Western. And Favreau created Ironman, so he is good at both the action and the thoughtful cinema. And I guess Tony Gilroy's point is that the range should open up not fall into a smaller box. He hopes people become more experimental after what he is done. And he's right. Star Wars will probably thrive better if the definition of what it can be is wider. otherwise, you just get force awakens because the studios are trying to remake what was working.

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