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Ape historian post | I am out of storage - finally. My new rig with 300tb active storage and tape drives for archival is ordered. Got a few things for free. In theory the setup would store everything until moass (which is on Tuesday). Assembly pron on the way. Backups are still going.

Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

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  1. IMO when we hit the market cap that allows BBBY back on WSB. Those degenerates (myself included and gambling addicts).

  2. Gov gave us a stimmy over here so I bought some Bobby with it! 132 more LFG!!!

  3. funky intraday chart hehe shorts going pew pew pew

  4. Yeah now that the price has dropped nearly 90%, you better get out

  5. Do read the how to buy a baby RC speculation in the towel sub.

  6. Yeah, I think next week is the start of a run up through the end of January when all those $80 calls are gonna blow this thing right to the moon.

  7. I think a piece to the puzzle that doesn't get talked about much is the FOMO from the likes of WSB peeps.

  8. Wasabi is allowed to talk about Bobby at 4.20$ with the extra shares now. ;-)

  9. No need to in the Great White North of Canada. I don’t think there is a person in 500 kms that does that quite frankly

  10. Where are you located? Am upper Laurentide myself.

  11. Yes the wood is dry fast as it is softwood ....moisture meter has it at 13% and it burns like a popcorn fart. Also where I am it’s simply impractical as for 8 months of the year you are dipping into the stack and can’t be bothered dealing with tarps. Rain and snow will deal with all the resins in my humble opinion. Always have about 8 cords in steady rotation.

  12. I am in it with 4 young ones of my own!! I bought wood this year. I have enough on my plate!

  13. Sounds like you burned too low, didn't give it enough air, and you had a smoky smolder happening all night.

  14. This is actually huge if true. Enormously sad for the average person. What a scum company. Literally monopolizing homes. Honestly we live in such a shitty time, where so much corruption has so much power. Burn the whole thing down. Here comes the roller coaster, good thing we’re strapped in and ready to launch… to the moon maybe?

  15. Maybe them liquidating their assets is exactly what the average person needs?

  16. Totally doable, I worked with a company that changed transfer agent, we had a share plan and they sent an email, week after all shares were at different transfer agent. All we gotta do is ask.

  17. Tbh management makes me really upset. It's very stupid to buy back shares, and then begin diluting by selling shares at a lower price. Basically burning money.

  18. The share buy back was with Tritton, he was probably a bcg plant, a saboteur basically. I think Sue is doing the right thing. Getting rid of debt is way more important at this point.

  19. Let’s push bbby to change transfer agent to computer share

  20. Edit : I would register 1000+ shares if we get computershare as transfer agent. My other shares are locked in registered accounts.

  21. I’m definitely not an Elon fanboy. But still I would say posting a pepe meme is not the same as a “literal nazi supporter”. Let’s be real

  22. Yeah, I'd say it's indicative of Musk's middle school level, borderline 4chan level of maturity, and need to be liked by that toxic demographic, but not nearly "literal Nazi supporter", hyperbole helps nobody

  23. Kings need only invoke their divine right to trample all over the people and this gets fascists hard because they assume they'll be doing the trampling on behalf of the king

  24. That is exactly it. The psychology of authoritarianism is quite enlightening.

  25. Anyone know how I can donate some BBBY shares to nazi’s (good nazi’s) in Ukraine? They will come in handy for the azov batalion🇺🇦🙏

  26. Seems to go flat around 3.11 - 3.13 straight sideways.

  27. I have read your material but don’t understand what you refer to as velocity or divergences, I know traditional TA but can’t quite understand your analysis.

  28. jfc, "best video on the internet" has a low bar...

  29. Watch the late Apetor if you enjoy drunk/high shenanigans!

  30. sorry for ignorant questions, but exactly who are they? and what are their motives for us to sell? arent we a only a small fraction of the market without impact?

  31. Hedge funds are betting the stock price goes to zero so they don’t have to cover/get a tax rebate. It is an informal conspiracy where the sec turns a blind eye to the naked shorting and prime brokers facilitate share lending.

  32. So many shilly comments… like its their job to come talk trash. Fuck yo Narrative. bullish.

  33. paid shills are a thing! and this sub is probably their next best place to attack after the bets sub

  34. Just a reminder there are now 4.5 million more FTDs on-top of the august run at 30 million ftd. Proof nobody has closed shit and the price is being fucked with

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