Queen Elizabeth II has died, Buckingham Palace announces

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  1. When they’re in another country (vacation, business etc) when a local asks them where they’re from they say their state instead of their country. I’m sorry but not many people in Brazil know what a “Delaware” is

  2. But CONVERSELY, if I say “The US” the response I usually get is “well obviously, but where IN the states?” And then we get to do the song and dance where people don’t know where most of the states are anyway.

  3. I did a double take…I, as an American who has lived here for a long time, do know of Mr. Blobby……but I find him alarming I can’t lie.

  4. I wish I could eat things like McDonalds but have them taste the way they did when I was a child. I don’t know if they’re actually different - I think most of it is just me.

  5. Assuming we're talking about dick size, no. First of all, I orgasm from clitoral stimulation so even a massive dong isn't gonna do shit for me. Second of all, I'm shit at determining measurements by eye in every context (like I cannot for the life of me estimate idk, how wide the ikea bedside table needs to be in order to fit in the room, that kinda thing), so how the hell would I be estimating a dick's length during sex, when I have much more pressing matters to attend to? As I said once to a guy who was concerned about that, who am I, the city council taking measurements for environmental improvements? Nah. I wish guys could stop feeling pressed about that. And if we're talking about any other size, also no.

  6. I just laughed out loud at the city council thing. I imagine that would make a great comedy sketch.

  7. I think you’re looking too early. I would wait till at least after NYE to look, and book by March at the latest.

  8. This is the way. I live in the UK and regularly visit my folks in New England and find it a lot more affordable to do it with between six weeks to three months in notice.

  9. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t know that at least 1/3 of these things were discontinued, and I’m feeling really down about the state of the world as a result.

  10. It is my dream to see the All Stars of Termina again…ESPECIALLY the happy mask man.

  11. Is there a specific type of chicken for this?

  12. Little guy is so droopy! All of the bottom leaves are dropping, wilting, becoming pale…but the top growth is going very slowly. Any ideas?

  13. Me, make me tiny and put me in there, I want to live there now.

  14. I only shave when I feel like it, and I try to think critically about my motivations when I do want to shave to make sure that I genuinely want to shave for intrinsic reasons.

  15. I have a safety razor too! I have saved so much money!

  16. I’m 5’2” and started derby at 31 and 130 pounds, played for a decade. All sizes have advantages and it’s super fun playing derby.

  17. I am 31 and am about to start on Sunday and was worried that I was going to be “too old!” Thanks for making me feel a lot better about it. :)

  18. Not a bad idea. I do love a bit of jam-making. :)

  19. Dunno! I didn’t delete it…I’m interested in jam making tips from anyone really…

  20. Looks like Edward VIII (queen’s uncle) but it could also be her dad, the two looked a bit similar…

  21. I did as well, and am continuing to contribute to it, until they give me answers.

  22. Redhead for ten years, here! When you touch up the dye does it have any developer/lifter in it? It’s possible that it’s been over lifted so it won’t keep the dye in. I have spots near my temples that have been over-bleached which I am trying to grow out. Thankfully I have short hair though…

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