1. It's there any other tell to this being a 1/1? What's to stop someone from just marking that shit lol

  2. It’s the patch being used, that’s what makes it 1/1

  3. I mean, he ain’t wrong. This is all on Sanchez to turn it around like Edson did. Every single person here that has seen Ajax’s game can agree, Sanchez is one of the weakest links in the team. Almost every goal I have seen scored on Ajax has come from his side. He either gets beat on pace (and I used to think he was fast!), beat on a simple step-over, or misses slide tackles that end in a goal.

  4. Can’t get over the idea this is (among many other things) another ploy to give MLS teams even more chances and advantages to win the Concachampions. Three teams get seeds to the tournament and MLS gets 29 entries, vs LigaMX 18….how is that fair?

  5. Interested in all the heritage/high SPs (I need the numbers), but I don’t have anything to trade. Selling an option?

  6. “Conceded” makes it sound like they were all his fault.

  7. Hey! Trying to complete the set are you interested in selling/trading?

  8. There were 2 or 3 other times he would be open and the teammates wouldn’t pass him the ball. Frustrating.

  9. I know I have the Wander rookie performer at home in a binder. I can send a pic once I get there

  10. You know, when I moved to the east coast last year, I thought, “great! All the games are later at night, no one will bother me!” I can’t even stay awake…maybe it’s the age 🤣

  11. Padres, only 2022 Heritage/Heritage High or 2022 GQ and/or 2022 Heritage High general inserts?

  12. Tell me you’re an American soccer fan, without telling me you are an American soccer fan.

  13. That being said I do love anything Pirates or Bryan Reynolds if anyone has anything cool feel free to PM me!

  14. I’ve got a RC Roansy Contreras Baseball Stars Auto and Gold /2022 from Series 2, if interested.

  15. En orden de popularidad/logros/exito internacional:

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