1. NV’s world is a big step back from 3’s imo. You could explore the entirety of 3’s square map and there were far more interesting locations off the beaten path. Much of the periphery of NV’s map is inaccessible and I always felt like more of NV’s locations were pointless ones, like the two benches and a skeleton type that probably wouldn’t even be classified as a location in the other games. NV is also intended to be somewhat linear until you get to Vegas.

  2. Yeah one of NV's weaknesses is a lack of interesting looking locations. However it does have plenty of things worth finding which are off the beaten path such as side quests and hand placed unique loot.

  3. I agree that there’s definitely worthwhile stuff to find whether it’s loot or some interesting locations, it just always felt less frequent compared to 3.

  4. You could also try posting this over on the Skyrim Xbox mods subreddit as well:

  5. You might get some good suggestions for ways to streamline it from the Skyrim Xbox mods subreddit as well:

  6. Ah brilliant. Thanks very much for your input I shall look Into R.A.S.S.

  7. I really enjoyed what I played of Beyond Reach. I also really liked Maids 2 although Maids 2 is a big mod file size wise so you'd need to remove Bruma to make space for it.

  8. Thank you! I'll look them both up when I get home. You're very appreciated 😁

  9. You might get some good advice over on the Skyrim Xbox mods subreddit as well.

  10. I use Strange Runes Lite on an old base Xbox One with nearly 150 mods, so far I've had no performance issues so performance wise it's solid and it's a nice mod.

  11. You could check out some of the DAR mods such as GDB the Revenge and Elden Beast.

  12. Yeah that's one of the reasons why I like playing on PC as well as Xbox. I like the physics mods.

  13. I love some of the random NPC dialogue. "Next time I'm taking a Johnny cab."

  14. Yeah I had an account randomly deleted on there as well, no explanation was given lol. I did make another account and so far that one hasn't been deleted.

  15. You could also try posting this over on the Skyrim Xbox mods subreddit as well:

  16. That's a common issue on Bethesda's end so I wouldn't worry about it. You can often try again later and it'll work then. I prefer the Nexus website instead of bethesda's in-game mod page personally though.

  17. do people actually enjoy playing with no magicka regen i feel like it makes vampire playthroughs and such a real drag

  18. You could also try posting this over on the Skyrim Xbox mods subreddit as well:

  19. What is merging? I'm building a PC sometime this year (already got most of the parts) and I am def going to try skyrim. Might as well learn about this now

  20. Merged mods are useful for the Xbox too because the Xbox has a 150 mod limit. Some mods that have been ported to Xbox are merged with other mods which saves mod slots.

  21. You could also try posting this over on the Skyrim xbox mods subreddit as well:

  22. For roleplaying check out an alternate start mod like realm of lorkhan or live another life. Also check out reputation and wintersun: faiths of skyrim.

  23. Are you using an alternate start mod like live another life or realm of lorkhan? If so make sure you aren't using the cheat room teleport when you're still in the alternate start zone/area. Use it after you leave that area.

  24. So not one that is mentioned a lot, but Inner Demons (2014). It’s a found footage mockumentary about a Intervention type show. The main girl is a heroin addict but also is possessed. Interesting take and i thought well done!

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