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  1. I would really not mind the situation if he hadn’t taken the ring box containing the ring worth thousands

  2. That’s my thing but also it wouldn’t have taken that long just let them have their moment and then ask them to get down

  3. “It’s just one of those days, where you don’t wanna wake up!” -Fred Durst

  4. Position your guitar lower.

  5. Raged barbarian has a one minute worth of rage and drops a rage when killed

  6. If y’all are afraid of us I don’t care I put the fear of God into my nephew 🤣

  7. Tuning is drop C. Get a clip on tuner or use another app.

  8. How do I do that also I found a tuner but it’s chromatic how do I use it

  9. Master of puppets over TTTSNB Sanitarium over Battery Master of puppets wins

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