1. Yeah bro you got ripped off holy shit. They are identical to mine and, well.....

  2. Every Klutch live resin. Best by far. Only hit for 1-2 seconds at a time to stop from burning.

  3. I looked up this company and their purpose is to create a space in sneaker culture for women. They’re a company and they can giveaway shoes to whoever they want. I don’t see why it’s a big deal

  4. Am I the only one who likes the bags? They are 100% air tight! This is the type of thing that reduces the chances of mold spores growing! I can twist every single lid on the containers I've purchased tighter. Hardly ever actually sealed. Just because a sticker is on the side of a loose lid that doesn't mean it's sealed. Sorry end rant lol.

  5. What about it makes it look terrible? I’m far from an expert but it’s pretty damn nice to me.

  6. It looks super compacted and doesn’t display good trichromes which would give it almost a sparkle. It just looks like some weed you would buy from a street dealer not a dispensary. But if it works it works. Does it have a good smell or is it dry?

  7. You’re tripping. Big head is insanely good. Fruitiness of Sherbhead, and gas/sour of Chem d and fire OG

  8. Big head is my favorite strain, heatlocker crosses are straight gas 🔥

  9. Why are there so many mean comments? People must be salty they didn’t get one.

  10. Well yeah it’s kind of annoying you see 30+ eBay posts and more on Reddit of people reselling. Why buy the disc if you didn’t want it? Oh that’s right for a quick few bucks

  11. Why does your live sugar look way way different than the post from last night of same product. I'm not talking about a slight difference in appearance, I'm saying the other love sugar looked Moore like thca crystals.

  12. Lol I got the same strain last night and mine looks like salt. It’s super fire tho

  13. DAmn the child in the Nike factory really fucked up that left pair 💀

  14. It makes perfect sense. Supply and demand. The demand is high for high thc bud and the supply is low. Therefore the cost will be higher. If other companies can produce high thc strains the cost will be lowered by competition.

  15. Ok but I have had the garlic cookies at 32% and felt way better off of locally grown that came in at 17%

  16. But you’ve never had it at 37% ;) and I got a half of 31% animal mints from POW for $70 otd. Just because you don’t like rivieras high prices doesn’t mean you have to be mad about their weed

  17. Some poor dude got his toddler size 4c taken by FedEx I think

  18. If that's the case he's stealing from someone's child to give to their own child which is also fucked up

  19. Nah this dude entered all 3 to resell so therefore he’s stealing from someone’s else’s child.

  20. Look for a puffco peak on sale. Way easier than a regular rig and imo way better.

  21. I don’t understand why Nike doesn’t just make 5 million pairs and not offer returns on this shoe. It’ll screw over the resellers and Make Nike a lot more profit.

  22. Edibles are awful for your first time, you need to try some flower. You’re probably just tired still.

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