1. My friend got the Night version and another version (not sure which), and really couldn't tell the difference between them. (She gave one set at random to me.)

  2. It's difficult to tell for me. I got diagnosed, and like a year later I started transitioning. Unmasking & coming out were very much merged together for me.

  3. Unless I'm remembering wrong, brown was a player color in the 5-6 player expansion for Settlers of Catan I got maybe 12 years ago. I have no idea if more recent editions still have it

  4. Dice: I have 698, according to my spreadsheet that accounts for them by type & colour.

  5. My husband was pretty cute, he goes, “oh yeah? How do you stim?” And he was generally curious 🥰

  6. This is literally what my GP said when I was 17. It took me another 7 years to pursue & get a diagnosis.

  7. The most obscure one I consider worth playing (2 votes) is Trinity: a unique abstract strategy game involving arcs & rings. Not a lot of depth, but I got a lot of play out of it for a thrift-shop buy.

  8. It's a consistent disappointment to me that I've only ever managed to play half a game of this :( None of my gaming circle cares for 2-player abstracts

  9. Twilight Imperium. There just isnt a group of people in my vicinity that would be willing to give up what would most likely be an entire weekend to play it with me. I also do not have an entire weekend to give up myself.

  10. There's a group near me that arranges games almost monthly. But they always start after lunch, and with my chronic health issues I can't be staying out until midnight gaming anymore.

  11. I don't know those games, so I can't speak to them.

  12. ive always viewed meltdowns as an umbrella for meltdowns and shutdowns. as in, i see shutdowns as a more specific form of meltdown. burnout is similar, but does not fall into that category for me, because meltdowns and shutdowns are more like....events. burnout is a state, which can last a very, very long time

  13. This is a wonderfully analytical answer, great categorisation.

  14. I have 6 Reiner Knizia games. I just love his designs, they're so elegant. He really speaks to me, and I'll always take a chance on a Knizia design.

  15. Cosmos. It's an indie game I found on Gamecrafter, and I was interested mostly because it nominally plays up to 8 (though for some reason it only shipped with pieces for 6?).

  16. I think any game set that's better than "dull" has a purpose-built game that's much better. And the set-up is a chore because of the 63 weirdly-cut hex tiles.

  17. Basically everyone in A Short History of Nearly Everything.

  18. When it comes up, we don't plan in order. But to retain part of that, we say that anyone later in player order can ask if an earlier player is planning to do a particular action.

  19. I think this is really good advice, especially for people new to board games in general.

  20. Like many people here, I relate to anxiety about opening gifts! My parents and brother were terrible gift-givers. I grew up feeling crippling shame that I couldn’t express proper gratitude to them because I hate the idea of making anyone feel bad.

  21. My mum is usually pretty good with gifts. She always knows what book to get me, for instance. I'm sure she will understand when I replace these.

  22. I would send my mum an Amazon link to what I wanted and she would find me a cheaper version at WalMart, so frustrating because it wouldn't have the features I wanted. If I said anything, I was "ungrateful"

  23. From Sid Sackson's A Gamut Of Games:

  24. I love this book. Sid Sackson would have loved the last 20 years of games.

  25. I paid about half what I'd expect for a 2nd-hand copy of The Pillars of the Earth (that is, Die Säulen der Erde). The cards all have text, but I printed off a little reference sheet for all of them and tbh it hardly makes a difference.

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