1. I think there's a big difference. you definitely look smaller. 30 is a lot too. Great job.

  2. Thank you! And to clarify, I certainly can see the difference! I suppose it's more that I know the difference would have been even more obvious. But yes I'm down probably two pant sizes! I've been able to "go shopping" in my own dresser and wear things from before my second pregnancy! So I'm certainly not discouraged but thank you for the encouragement anyway!

  3. Even a 4 day 10 hour workweek beats the standard M-F 5-9 9-5. Same amount of hours but you gain a whole day every week.

  4. I used to work 12 hour night shifts, the equivalent of about 4 rays a week but actually only about 2-3. I work the same amount of 8 hour days now and even though I sleep better, I can notice so much of a difference in how many free hours I have. The change was worth it but it's definitely not been 100% positive

  5. The problem is when the vacuum inside the bag is fighting gravity and you get that glug glug glug motion I stead of smooth pour which leads to splattering. That being said it's not like it's the end of the world either.

  6. The bag collapses unlike solid containers, so a vacuum never develops

  7. Milk out of one hole and air in the other. Try it.

  8. It's a bag. It doesn't need to allow air back in because the bag can simply compress as the milk pours out

  9. I got rid of them all. And then today I ordered size medium leggings and I was telling my husband “I can’t wait to throw out my xl leggings”. And then I remembered we are doing ivf next month. And then I was like fuuuuuck why did I get rid of all my generously sized work clothes??? 😭 but if you’re not planning on getting pregnant in the immediate future, toss toss toss.

  10. Well in fairness maternity clothes are cut a lot differently than just being a bigger size, and you deserve to have clothes that are cute and flattering during your pregnancy!

  11. Nurse Clinician in Calgary, working about 30 hours a week, 13 years experience, 82,000$/year.

  12. Incredibly important to me. So often in media characters are portrayed as male as the default. Shows that depict female main characters are girly shows. Shows with male main characters are just shows for anyone. Things are slowly improving but these are both evidence of, and contribute to, misogyny from a very young age.

  13. It's the last chapter, and the build up to it is rather slow

  14. Weird, I live in Canada we bought this a few months ago

  15. I've been fortune enough not to have to do post mortem care more than a handful of times but I've always spoken to them. Tell them what I'm doing. I figure there's so little we know about the brain after death, maybe they still have some kind of awareness at that point. I want to be as soothing as possible if they are

  16. I would agree with this but OP provided this medication for her child meaning it is safe to give. She let the nurse know, so unless it’s a recurring issue, there’s no need to take it higher.

  17. It's not that it isn't safe to give, OP doesn't say anywhere that she's upset that it was given. But not being told can have unsafe ramifications at home. It isn't about getting the replacement in trouble, but apparently the regional policy is ambiguous or maybe there isn't a policy on communication to parents, but there absolutely should be

  18. I don't know why everyone is minimizing this, but you're absolutely right. I'm a nurse and the possibility of giving essentially a double dose of Benadryl or not knowing that you should progress to the next step in treatment is not something to be brushed off. Clearly you aren't upset that he got it, it's that you weren't notified. And notifying the principal isn't necessarily an attempt to get her in trouble, though I can see why it would seem that way. In nursing there's supposed to be an idea of safe reporting, that when someone makes an error it gets reported as a way of addressing holes in the system that allowed the mistake to happen. It seems school nurses in your area aren't told clearly enough to let parents know when they administer medications, and those expectations should be laid out more clearly

  19. they asked me to stay and wait for the babysitter since their reservation was earlier than mine :/

  20. In the future, if they ask you to and it's a no, make sure you leave before them

  21. That’s why I always crack up when people say a vegan diet is too expensive lol, it’s literally the cheapest diet available

  22. It gets expensive when people want to buy stuff that still tastes like animal based food. The more it's processed to taste like meat or dairy cheese etc. That's what drives the price up

  23. Seems accurate to compare this to if the Nazi's said they'd stop arresting Jewish people but Hitler stayed in power

  24. Ok it's good unemployment isn't rising (yet at least) but it's almost a moot point if even employed people are struggling because of the increased cost of living

  25. Gosh this gives me so much hope!! I'm the same age and height as you, starting weight was very close and I find myself worrying that even if I get the weight off, I'm too old and got too big that my skin couldn't possibly recover. But you look so amazing, maybe I could get there too

  26. I know you're joking but if anyone is actually looking for a proper answer, it's just a single box.

  27. No I was genuinely asking, I haven't seen children's Tylenol there in a long time but it used to be multiple per package. Good to know though, thanks

  28. There's a hormone called aldosterone that in adults is much higher at night than during the day. Aldosterone suppresses urine production in the kidneys so that you don't have to get up to pee while sleeping. Babies don't have this correlation between time of day and aldosterone levels and until they do it's much harder to potty train at night. Not impossible but just trickier

  29. No no no! You’re just like my wife! When we had kids she would literally want every toy put away in their room, in its place the minute they are w done with it so it not out and the living room is clean and adult. We kept going at it back and forth (granted we have a small house and not much storage space) but I finally got her to realize that we have two kids and there has to be some type of compromise, a medium, we can work towards.

  30. I'd love a compromise. I'd love to feel like I have a place in my own living room. Currently I tend to sit at the kitchen table to read or look at stuff on my phone because I feel like I don't belong there. It's currently 100% my kids area and 0% me

  31. I used to rotate my kids toys (only because we had a huge empty basement and therefore a lot of extra space). I bought some of those clear bins and put away the toys that were not regularly used. Every few months I would bring out some new ones and pack away some old ones. Toys that were definitely a “no” would get donated after a few rotations.

  32. I'd love to but we really don't have that much space

  33. And again this is the 2nd time this has happened to me with the 2nd woman I’ve had sex with and it’s giving me this idea that women are really like that.

  34. Dude there are billions of women in the world, a sample size of two is not a very good representation. It's more like you are attracted to, or are attractive to, women who don't make the best decisions

  35. I'm so sorry that happened! It's always nice to hear from someone grateful, if you really want to express appreciation for the actual nurses who cared for you, reaching out to the management of the emergency room is a great way to do that. Take care of yourself!

  36. Those face gains are unreal! You look amazing 🤩

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