1. How did they let you in? I heard the neighbors watch it. I’ve driven by a few times so pretty!!

  2. Nobody let me in here. I just parked and went up to it. I never went inside though, the pics are all from the outside of a window. It was in too rough a shape to go in. But yea no one stopped or said anything to me

  3. If I remember properly, it was on Zion road on my way to hocking hills. Maybe licking county ish

  4. I didn’t boo you and the lack of sense of humor on this page is kinda funny in itself 😂

  5. They were agreeing with you btw

  6. I don’t use Reddit a whole lot, just trying to get used to it so I rarely check messages on here, caught me trying to load pics haha great timing

  7. Two things…one, I’m sorry haha and two if you have Instagram, message me there @dan_elGordito

  8. Don’t forget to take the Marlboro miles so you can get your sweet coat

  9. Watching guys who think they are hard af fight with no fight training is always hilarious

  10. My brother is the treasurer of the Knox County genealogical society, I'll ask him! He knows just about everything historical about this part of Ohio.

  11. I went to visit my brother in Mt. Vernon yesterday and took a couple pictures on the drive back to Zanesville - I'll post them later. :) I asked my brother about the building - for context, I'm adopted and he is 46 years older than me - he's 82, so his memory goes back pretty far 😅 Anyway, he said that it was indeed originally a one room schoolhouse built in the very early 1900s. After it was no longer a school, he said an old man lived there for about 20 years or so (circa 1950s) and would sit on a rocking chair out front and wave at all the cars that drove by. After that it was no longer used and continued falling into disrepair. Now the back half is sloped all the way into the ground and the bell tower has fallen off. I imagine it could have been restored 30 years ago or so but unfortunately never was.

  12. That’s sooooo amazing!!!!! Thank you so much!!! 🙏 From other pics I’ve seen there was also something to the left (if you’re looking at it from the road) like a porch or something that used to be there and no longer isn’t. Totally made my day! Thank you!

  13. Make sure you take the photos without Donald in them too. You might want them without him some day.

  14. Haha that’s very good advice because during this exact shoot I took a pic of him on some piano keys and after I got home I realized it woulda been cooler with him. Will never be able to get that shot again dangit lol deff a lesson learned that day

  15. I like that you have a theme, but I know I’d personally want some without him in the frame.

  16. FYI, you may want to remove picture 15 as there’s a bunch of identifying info in that pile of tapes.

  17. I’ve never seen a rule posted, and i couldn’t find one just now. It’s up to you, you could send it privately, post it here or just keep it for yourself. But i can’t find a rule anywhere here, personally.

  18. Whitehall Ohio abandoned village. I took these awhile ago. I’m new to Reddit and only here cuz I’m always in fb jail haha idk how Reddit works so I figured I’d ask before I go to Reddit jail or something 😂

  19. I hope so too. He said I could contact the Athens museum and they have everything on it including a pic of him standing by it. Not gonna lie, he was deff drinking straight gin but was a super cool guy none the less. I can only go off what he told me though. One day I do want to contact Athens so I can learn as much as possible about this place

  20. Thank you. I was totally looking for something else and stumbled upon lost while lost 😂

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