1. Biden should have not run in 2020 either.. it's a misconception that only he could have defeated trump..

  2. OP you should take an intro philosophy class, this sort of stuff is discussed

  3. I see where you’re coming from, because there are designs for flush-less urinals. Still, I’m not gonna piss in my sink since that’s unsanitary

  4. No issues here. It’s basically the same. I’d download W11 if you’re building a new system or have an Intel 12th gen CPU but there’s no rush to upgrade otherwise

  5. Well it's not so bad, ethernet cable is legitemately like 10x faster than Wi-Fi.

  6. It’s more stable and lower latency, but if your access point is good it should support the same speeds

  7. Performance per Watt goes up every generation, not down. The lower tier cards will not have increased power limits, and they will give you more fps at the same wattage. Only the high tier cards like 4080/4090 will have increased power limits. If you’re dropping that much money on GPUs your electricity bill should be no concern, but you can always manually set the power limit lower to increase efficiency.

  8. So I was bidding on a “new” 3080ti on eBay. I won the auction and shortly after I get a message from seller saying “you have 24h to pay”. I have a 100% pos feedback on eBay as seller and buyer so I don’t understand the message. Also upon looking more the seller listed the card as new, but it was not new it had been used for a month according to description. I then received a message demanding I cancel the order because eBay doesn’t give him enough money compared to what auction was for. After I gave him negative feedback for his shitty selling, he sends me a message saying if I just PayPal him $900 he’ll ship the card. I didn’t want the card at that point and bought it from microcenter for $100 more. I’ll be avoiding this user from here on out.

  9. Why though? I hear they treat their employees fairly well for fast food industry

  10. Try Overwatch 2. I’ve been playing the beta and the gameplay is identical to OW1 other than the 5v5 format. Not even joking, the PvP mode is a literal copy/paste of OW1, that’s why the OW1 servers are shutting down this October. It is not tactical, it still has some of the highest time-to-kill of any shooter.

  11. Your OS is installed on your hard drive. Your SSD is an additional drive, which is why it’s called (D:)

  12. You can change your DNS server to one that will validate your OS for free

  13. The hardest part is choosing compatible parts, which this community can help with.

  14. As long as the SP is rated for a higher wattage than your PC it won’t affect power delivery. Most are like 1800W or something so you’ll be fine

  15. Personally I use a MSI B550 gaming edge Wi-Fi. I’ve had no issues with it, and it’s got the same quality VRM as the Tomahawk. At $165 it is a bit pricey for B550 though.

  16. For a basic college PC, all you need is an i5 or r5 processor, 512 GB of SSD storage, and 8 GB of RAM. I actually really like 2 in 1 tablets for college, it fits the usecase very well. Check out something like the Lenovo Ideapad Flex

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