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  1. I’ll one up this, hope afterwards he stubs his toe too.

  2. Why are the pics always blurry? Guy behind is hoodie guy & this pic is blurry. Why cant any of the crazy ewww ewww pics be clear? Just 1 clear one

  3. Did he specifically? Thought it was Kirk, Jefferson, Thielen and then one for whole team

  4. “We’ve been a saying it all year. When’s it gonna happen? When’s it gonna happen! Two Eight.”

  5. Yes, because they had Instagram and filters during that time.

  6. The police have botched this. The reports that we don’t think Jack was involved came so early. They hadn’t had enough time to even check him out by then. The cops spoke too damn early and seem incompetent. There was just another Fox News segment on a reporter ok the ground. Obvious areas of the crime scene mot checked yet.

  7. They were not early, in fact it was only at the presser yesterday they actually confirmed it. They were very careful with wording at the previous press conference. Stop making things up.

  8. Lol you’re so far removed from reality it’s crazy

  9. Link me a SINGLE case of the past ten years where LE has explicitly stated the use of a psychic aided the case, NOT the psychic suggesting such.

  10. It was a serial killer. That's why 2 BAU units there. They've finally admitted today that they're investigating the 2021 Oregon one as potentially connected.

  11. They didn’t admit anything. They said they’re aware of it and to just about every question said they’re exploring all avenues. Stop exaggerating.

  12. It also occurred during a similar time frame that the Moscow crimes took place.

  13. Can someone please explain to me what Daemon did with the singing to the dragon?

  14. On the bright side, my wife and I found a gouda, cheddar, and pimento dip that is wonderful. So, I got that going for me.

  15. appreciate u manbearpiglet92

  16. They either got Shroud or Yay. No other player would warrant such a reaction from a pro.

  17. why would you say shroud lol

  18. Ngl as someone who had no clue what was going on in episode 6, and who thought the time jump would revert like it was a dream or something, I am miserably disappointed. The changed actors, the ridiculous jump and unexplained cliff hanger of episode 5. Glad Rings of Power is fucking dope because I was so excited about this show and episode 6 truthfully ruined it for me, as I had no idea that was gonna happen and really disliked it. Ik this is an opinion, but it's my opinion.

  19. "Rings of Power is fucking dope" lmaooooooo

  20. Don’t they make a joke in GoT about how they used to use messengers before ravens until someone attacked the messenger?

  21. Offense is too conservative. Take a shot down field.

  22. How when Kirk has half a second to throw lol

  23. Yeah idk I was wondering why they are removing too

  24. Didn't see nobody calling him bronze, but all he has to do is literally just crouch jump. If he is immortal, it's really not that hard. That's coming from a gold main cypher who jumps on that ledge at the start of every round on defense to put the camera.

  25. He knows he can just jump. His suggestion is to make it less clunky and have it more viable to use as a potential peek spot. If you’re having to jump as they’re running in you’re likely dead.

  26. As several people said above, if it was that easy to jump up, you could probably get down without making noise, therefore making that a strong position with little to no consequence to you being there. There are several spots where you need to run and crouch jump. From the top ofr my head, comes the generator in ascent bomb A (idk the exact callout in english).

  27. As a parent of 3, I recommend people stop at 2. Its really hard for 2 parents to be at 3 different sports practices. But China is facing many problems with their 2-child policy [edit: their 1-child policy caused most of the problems], so you'd want to be careful with making laws around births

  28. What kind of issues are you referring to?

  29. Basically by restricting the population you end up with a smaller next generation that cannot support the population that is aging into retirement.

  30. I see, so in a way this is already maybe happening in the US but scaled back a bit.

  31. The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

  32. RIOT to random players with racial slurs on EUNE "I'll allow it"

  33. Yeah the roaming top support with smite actually works pretty well. Even today, I had a bard top doing this and it worked out pretty well for us and we ended up winning the game

  34. Had the same thing today with a bard, it was insane. You NA?

  35. maybe if Governer didn’t oversleep scrims they win, unlucky really

  36. I’m just messing around but he overslept a scrimblock supposedly

  37. Jett's bladestorm is still miles ahead from Neon's ult. The multi-kill potential from these laser beams it not even close to Jett's knives

  38. Yeah, especially considering from the trailer it doesn’t look instantaneous for killing, makes me wonder how good it will even be? Imagine shooting your Palpatine lightning from your fingers and then just getting one tapped before you kill them.

  39. They shouldn't have done the train a serial killer thing again, just once was enough but three times, really? I could get Miguel being a psycho and wanting to murder more because he was into power and control. Lumen ya I get why but they shouldn't have did it again, just seems unrealistic.

  40. This is far more realistic than Miguel’s scenario. Harrison was “born in blood” just as Dexter was.

  41. Same thing happened to me, but even better, cause i was playing sylas and i stole a vex ult, used it and died after getting a kill like you and i had vex ult for another time on sylas.

  42. I’ve experienced this as well.

  43. I almost replied to this person then I saw their post history. Just ignore them.

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